Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it took me so long.....

So I finished the update of our Washington vacation but it was dated so far back that I thought I would post a new thing that would let you know that the previous post is new just back dated!!! So scroll down and enjoy all the many pictures of our fun summer in Washington!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update Continued!!!!!!

So I uploaded these pictures right after my last update but never got around to adding text, so here it goes.
After the semester was over Colin, April, Brian, Lacy, Jordan, and Natalie all made the long drive to join us up in Washington. Then we went over to Orcas Island for a camping trip. It was so much fun, it was the first time since both of my brothers have been married that we were able to have a family vacation. We had a lot of fun and we even got to celebrate Cameron's birthday while we were there. The kids loved the Star Wars Party and Laura did such a good job with every detail!!! My only complaint of the trip was the heat and the bees, I have serious issues with bees. The kids had such a blast and we loved going swimming in the lake everyday. Jakob and Colin even got to jump off a bridge into the lake!!!! Here are some fun pictures of our adventure!!!

the ferry ride over

Colin setting up our tent all by himself, he is such a stud!!!

Jakob and I

Jakob and April

The kids shaking the ice cream balls so we could have some homemade ice cream!!!

the kids lined up for a donut eating contest for Cameron's birthday ( it was part of the Jedi training!!)

Then the big kids lined up!!!

After the kids passed their Jedi Training they each got to become Darth Vader!!

And of course the Pinata

So cute Jakob
Alexa eating Grandpas yummy homemade salsa

At the Lake!!!

We even got Grandma and Grandpa Ed to join us!!!

Making sand castles

Catching some fish

Good catch boys

Natalie fixing Alexa's hair

Alexa and Lacy being twins with their hair!!

Bridge jumping!! Go Jakob go!!

The crazy kids

up on Mount Constitution

my boys

I just liked this picture, Natalie did such a good job of entertaining the kids on the ferry ride back. Thanks Natalie you are awesome!!!

After camping we were able to head over to the Bowlers house where the rest of the family was already and join them for a few days. We were able to get the I -90 to see the blue angles

Waiting for the blue angles

The boys wanting to be as high up as they could!!!

We also were able to get to the city center where the kids had a blast in the water fountains

Even Uncle Blake enjoyed Couldn't resist the Fun!!!

We enjoyed getting to be back in Washington and spending time with all our family!!!! We just wish it wasn't such a long drive!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been way to long

Wow I cant believe how long it's been since I have updated our blog. I have a really good excuse though. In early may I discovered that we are expecting Baby number 4. And if you know me then you know how very sick I get. I survived May just fine. June on the other hand was a nightmare. Which led to Colin and my decision to take up my parents on their offer and have the kids and I head to Washington for the month of July. Colin was still in school, and of course working. Both full time, which means he had full time homework on top of that. So going to My parents house was the best thing for me and the kids while I was sick. I am so glad we did that. The kids missed their dad terribly but I feel like they actually had a good summer and got to do lots of fun things ( thanks to my mom and sister Laura!!!). So that is my excuse for not blogging for months, I have been sick and gone!!!

So here is my update. Right before we left for Washington, my brother in law Blake got married in the Twin falls Temple. So we were able to have a quick Bowler family get together and that was really fun. Then we headed back to rexburg with Colin's Parents for the 4th of July where we met up with my parents who were there to whisk me and the kids back to Washington. We were able to get to the parade and the kids loved it and got way to much candy!! The next morning the kids and I said our good byes to Daddy and we took off in my parents van to Washington. The kids and I really enjoyed being back in Washington. My paretns were life savers while I was not feeling good, and I am so thankful for them and there willingness to have their quite house taken over by my rowdy kids. It was also so nice to be close to Laura and to let the kids play together. Laura was able to get my kids signed up for swimming lessons with her kids, and they loved it so much. Here are just a few pictures of our first half of summer I will do another post with more pictures from the rest of our stay in Washington!!

Our family waiting for the parade to start!!!

Our cute kiddos, all decked out for the 4th!!

Good ol' Alexa!!

The kids getting a chance to use the hoses from the fire trucks!!

Blake and Kelsie after being sealed

Great Grandpa Rodgers with all the kids.

Our kids outside the twin falls temple

Swimming Lessons

At Woodland park Zoo

So I will do another post sooner then later( I promise) and get the rest of our summer updated!!!