Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I needed a little pick me up....

I saw these 2 videos on my friends blog a few months ago. They really made me laugh!! It helped me to remember that every mom has those crazy days like I do ( even Hilary Weeks), and to not feel sorry for myself. So I needed a little pick me up today and a reminder that I'm not the only one struggling. So I thought I would add these videos for everyone to enjoy and have a good laugh and pick me up!!

Oh yeah remember to pause my music player it obnoxious, I know. Do you like blogs with music players? Should I get rid of it? Be honest tell me what you think?!!

Enjoy the videos!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009


Yesterday was Alexa's first trip to the " hair cut store" as she called it. It was time, I have been trimming her hair for a while now. But her hair is so thin, and stringy and it just wouldn't hold a curl for nothing. So when I went to get my hair cut last week I asked the girl what she suggested to do she had some really good ideas. So last night we went back, Alexa has actually been bugging for it for a while. She was such a big girl, and was so excited. I swear it only took like 10 minutes to cut and it looks so good.

Before- her hair had been in sponge curlers for hours, this was 5 minutes after I took them out.

After, It is almost like she a a-line. it works really well and the lady cut it so it would curl under by itself!! Thank you so much. Now I just need to make sure that one of the hundreds of bows she has will still work in this new do!!!

After wards I told her that I would take her to get an ice cream cone for being so good, but she wanted her "brofers" to come and her daddy, so we picked the up and then off to G's dairy went (the best ice cream ever) What a fun day for a 3 year old!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My kids do the weirdest things

Its so true, my kids are weird. You could say they get it from me but I think its all their Dad!!! I think my husband goal in life it to tease everyone and he like to give people a hard time. He is so good at it!!! So I know that my kids definitely get it from him. Here are some recent pictures that I have taken of the Kiddos. Enjoy!!

Jakob put his Daddy's suit coat on instead of his own. He has some big shoes to fill!!

Balloon head

Gak in Alexa hair, It took some serious magic (learned from google) and time to get this stuff out. Gak is now banned from our house cause it also sticks just as bad to the couch and the carpet :(

Conner fell asleep with his finger in his nose, what a weirdo!!

And then Alexa's crazy hair after nap. I think we might have to start calling her Mufassa (the bad lion from lion king) instead of April when it comes to bed head hair. I think April will be Happy to give up that title:)