Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

We love to go to the splash park...

and ride the carousel

And snuggle each other

Tyler loves to grab his monitor in his bed and say ma ma ma so I know hes awake from his nap!!!

And he loves to learn to sit up

And giving us big smiles

We also love watching and listening to the Thunder storms that roll through!!

and going to watch April's basketball games

Ands watching Alexa dance at half time!! ( I apologize for the length of the videos I have no idea how to edit them, sorry)

And last but certainly not least Alexa has learned to ride with out training wheels!!

We have been having a Fun summer so far!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My oh My!!!

"Break out the rye-bread and mustard grandma, it's Grand Salami Time! "
Good ol Dave Neihaus! Man I miss Seattle.

OK well its not grand Salami time, but it is T-Ball time for Conner! It has been so fun to watch him. He is just so cute and I really just get such a kick out of him!!

See what I mean, he is just so darn cute!!

He takes playing first base very serious

Go Conner Go!

Waiting for his turn to bat

I love the tongue and the concentration!! His dad and older brother do the same thing!!

So cold out

Yes we are working on his bat throwing issues.

And then this is Conner on his last day of preschool, he had such a blast!

And now he has learned how to blow bubbles with his gum, and this is the result.......

Everyday he does this, and every day I scrub it off. Not so fun, but he is sure proud of blowing huge bubbles!! What a cutie, I think we will keep him!!