Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Naughty by Nature

The other night My brother and his girlfriend came over and watched the kids while Colin and I went out to do some birthday shopping. The kids were good for them of course. As we were saying our goodbyes I could here some one in the bathroom and I could tell they were up to no good. This is what I found.

Isn't that just lovely!!! Luckily it was bath time so we just scrubbed her down real good

And here is Mr. Conner Playing with his food instead of eating it.

He paid the price later that night though, he woke in the middle of the night throwing up, Colin an I decided it was because he inhaled so much sour cream. Let me tell you how lovely that smelled.

And here is a picture of my two little rugrats trying to be all sweet and cute. And you guessed it, it always works. How can you stay mad at these two precious faces.

Playing Catch-up.....

.. is never fun. I have really been a blogger slacker. Sorry. I know that there are grandparents who like to hear our adventures and the pictures to go along with, so I will try to be better.

For Presidents weekend we took a road trip to Bear Lake. My grandpa gets condos there every year for the whole family and they all go snowmobiling. This was the first year we have been close enough to go. And it just so happened that my mom and younger sister April came up to. It was alot of fun. It was nice for me to be able to sit around and actually have some adults to talk to. Most of the time the Men took the people out on snowmobiles and the women stayed back and chatted and kept warm. It was fun to be around my dads family, and be with my grandpa. Colin had a blast and we came away from the weekend deciding that when we make our millions we definitely want to get some snowmobiles, and a cabin. The boys really loved snowmobiling. They definitely have their dad's daredevil genes. They just wanted to do more and more, and go off lots of jumps. Here are some fun pictures from our fun visit!!

jakob and colin


colin and conner

Alexa All bundled up

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What did I get myslef into????

I stumbled Upon this website that was about the "cleaning fairy" It was someones idea and they were trying to make money off of it. I thought the idea was good and worth a try, but i didn't think that I need them to pull it off. So I decided to try it out on my own. The "cleaning fairy"is Santa clauses sister and she goes to all the kids rooms that are clean and leaves them a note and a little treat. The idea behind it is to try and get your kids to be excited to keep their rooms clean. Well it worked intstantly for me. The second I told jakob about her he ran to his room and got it all cleaned. The "cleaning Fairy" delivered a few hours later with a note and a coupon to go to chucky cheese left on jakobs bed. This was a few weeks ago and I never could of imagined the monster that I would of created. Jakob is frantic about keeping his room cleaned, and also about the cleaning fairy. He is constantly checking to see if she came. And when she hasn't he has a melt down because he thinks his room isn't clean enough or heaven forbid she forgot him. Now when I started this whole thing I was prepared. I went and found lots of little fun treats that the the cleaning lady, I mean fairy could leave behind. I was naieve in thinking that I could leave 1-2 treats a week. You see now I have a much bigger problem, all 3 of my kids have started to clean their rooms constantly. Which I am more then grateful for, its just that Its getting to be way to much. I didn't want to give candy as treats so I have been leaving things like finger paints, puzzles, books, notebooks, coloring books that sort of thing. But man does that add up fast. And as many of you know all of my kids birthdays are in March( I know poor planning) This year jakob and alexa birthdays are on hoildays( saint patricks day, and easter). And with this thursday being valentines day and the valentines man NEEDS to deliver something good. He has been asked by 2 certain someones to bring more transformers( I am ready to be out of transformer phase). So my question is what is a mother to do? With cleaning fairy treats, valentines man, birthdays, easterbaskets, I just have no idea how to pull it off and not spend to much money. I don't want to stop the cleaning fairy cause well its working wonders. But how can I go backwards and start leaving less exciting treats. And my goodness, how do you celebrate a birthday and easter on the same day with out one trumping the other. I guess we will see what happends. Wish me luck.