Friday, November 12, 2010

The Big Move!!

I am So behind its not even funny.  I am gonna try and catch up!!

The end of September my hubby was offered a great job working for Musician friend.  He helps deal with all the computers and their programs.  The job is in Medford Oregon. Which is down closer to California , which of course = way better weather  then Rexburg and even Seattle.   So of course we couldn't pass it up.  Part of the perk was that the company paid to have a moving company pack and move us.  I was thrilled!!!  As it turned out Colin had to start work before the moving company could come so my mom was nice enough to come and stay and help out for 2 crazy weeks.  I had really wanted Colin to be the one who stayed with the guys who packed and loaded us.  Oh well, It was a little awkward to watch a bunch of strange men, go through and touch and pack every little thing we own, but not awkward enough to not do it again :)

The Boys room all packed up!!
The moving truck was huge, it pretty much took up the whole parking lot of our apartments

lining up all our stuff to take on truck!!

They are the master packers!!

All done!!!  

I cant believe that the move is behind us!!  Medford is great.  It's still on the smaller side of a city, but it has everything you need.  I am so in love with being back closer to stores and having options!!  The kids have made some fun friends and the boys are loving school!!  So far Oregon has been nice to us!!!  But I am still getting used to not pumping my own gas.  It goes against everything I know to hand a stranger my card and let them have at it, Im  just saying