Thursday, March 29, 2007


So we thought we would introduce the family. We have decide that we don't want to use our real names cause we all know how good some people are at finding things out, and then using that info to do bad stuff. So let me introduce our family as we will be known on this blog. We will call ourselves the Backwards Family

Dad, Husband will be know as... The Mr. or i might slip and call him Babe since that is what i call him at home

Me, Mama will be know as ...... The Mrs. if the Mr. ever writes this is what he will call me.

Our4 year old son will be know as ...... our Little Einstein, well cause he think he knows it all. I swear he 4 going on 16. He is constantly throwing my own words back at me. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Our 2 year old son will be know as ........ our Little Picasso. those of you who know him and are around him often knows he loves to draw little circles that he thinks are paw prints for blues clues. All of my notebooks and walls are proof. Thank heavens for Mr. Clean magic eraser.

Our 1 year old daughter will be know as .... our Little Love Bug. This is what I call her most of the time. Her bedroom is done in ladybugs, but a lot of the decorations say love bug, and i just love that so we've been calling her love bug since she was born.

So that is us. if you ever get confused( i'm sure i will, its going to take me some time to get use to calling my kids other names when i type) feel free to ask who who?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Drum Roll Please......

Well we finally got the word. CP has been accepted for the fall quarter at byu-i. The plan as of right now is that we will be putting our house up for sell early summer, and whenever it sells we will be moving to idaho. The one thing that can keep us here, is a job. We think(pray) that maybe just maybe CP will get to keep his job and that they will let him work form home in idaho, and then when of course when we come back home for visits he can come in and work full time. If that dosent work out then we will try to get a job down there. we are a little nervous to sell our house and move with out having a job lined up. It would be different if it was just CP and I, but when you add kids to the mix you want to know that there is an income and that you can survive off of it before you do anything drastic. All that said, we are moving forward as if we are moving to idaho. We are starting to get the things done to the house before we put it up for sell. So we have a couple months of some hard work ahead of us. so wish us luck!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Moving Backwards

Its been almost a year since CP dropped the bomb that he wanted to go back to school full time. I remember sitting there not really understanding how major this was going to be. Then he said he wanted to go to either byu or byu idaho. Thats when it hit me (fear and panic) he wanted to sell the house and walk away from a great job. If I am to be honest the things that I was really worried about at first, what would we do with our new couch set( we wont have room in an apt. for 2 couch sets and I rather the kids destroy the older set that we have downstairs) and selling our house. I am not excited to move back into a small place with 3 growing kids. But after much prayer, I know that this this is right for us. and im not worried about the couches or the house anymore. I know that Heavenly Father will and has take care of us, and that he knows whats best for us. so if i have to give up couches and ahouse who cares we can buy bigger and better ones when we are done with school !! So after looking into both schools we have found out that byu-idaho accepts more of colins credits( he has 30 something) so it makes sense to go there and get through school quickly as possible. As of right now everything is up in the air. We are just waiting to hear if he's been accepted and then colin and i have some huge desions to make. When to sell the house, do we buy or rent a house in idaho, do we look at condos, or just go for an apt. . We are just waiting to hear the news so that we can start the "moving backwards" process. Wish us luck. We will let you all know as soon as we find out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Family

Here's the family in Seaside, Oregon.

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