Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My sweet Alexa Lou ( better late then never)

Alexa, Alexa, Alexa, where to start? I love you so much, but since I found out I was pregnant with you my/ our life has been turned up side down. You were a big surprise to say the least. And to this day you still surprise me. You sure do keep us on our toes. But I love it. I was so excited to have a girl. And I am afraid that I may have created a monster. You love to wear dresses all the time. You love bows in your hair. You love music and you learn the words so quickly!! I am so excited for when you are older and can sit for longer periods, that we will be able to go to all the musicals and concerts together. I have watched you blossom so much this year. You are talking so well, Sometimes I forget that you just only turned 3. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to older kid. I love the time we get to spend together while your brothers are off at school. I Love that you love to go shopping with me. I Love your cute smile, and funky styles you dress your self in. I love that you want to do dishes with me, but I don't want you to start with that yet. Believe me you have a life full of dishes ahead of you and I want you to stay away from them while you can!!! I Love to see you snuggle you brothers, and your daddy. It is so sweet to see you get so broken hearted when daddy forgets to give you a kiss before he leaves. I know you love him so much!! And he loves you to, although I think you have him a little worried after we caught you kissing Zac Effron on the TV at the end of Hairspray. You are way to young for that little miss!! I love how you are such a good helper in nursery and want to help the kids who are crying. We love you so much Lexa and I know this year you will grow even more and Mommy and Daddy will lay awake at night wondering whats next with you. But you know what I know that I deserve every bit of it ( Grandma Moon will agree). So you go big girl. And I will try so hard to keep up with you. Just please NO more kissing boys, even on the tv. We are not ready for that. Happy Birthday Alexa, we love you!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Sweet Jakob

Dear Jakob, I cant believe you are six. Wow the time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that I realized that I was pregnant with you. We were so excited. You are so much like your Dad. And that is a good thing. It has been so fun to watch you grow and develop into the big little boy that you are. I have been so excited to see you learn all kinds of fun things this year in kindergarten. The knowledge that you have and the things that you remember or just figure out amazes me. I love how sensitive you are, and also how protective of your brother and sister you are. I love to listen to your sweet prayers, and hear you tell us about all you learned at church, and then ask questions. I am so proud of your ever growing testimony, I know that you love your Heavenly Father and try really hard to choose the right always! I love how much you love your dad, and want to do everything with him that you can. And how proud you are of him, and HE is so very proud of you. I can tell that your relationship with him is going to be something that I will always be jealous of, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jakob thank you so much for being such a big helper around the house, and with Conner and Alexa. We know being the oldest( both me and daddy are) is sometimes hard with added responsibility but you are so good at it, keep it up little bug!! I love you so very much Mr. But please slow down your growing, pretty soon you re gonna be smarter then me, and taller too and I am just not quite ready for that, after all you are only 6. Happy Birthday big boy! I hope you have lots of fun adventures this year!!!
First day of school

100th day of school ( they got to wear pjs and have a 100 party)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Dear Conner Bug......

My dear sweet Conner, another year has flown by, and you are now 4. I can't believe it. You have been such a joy in our family. I have watched you this last year grow up so much. You are now in primary. You love your preschool and learning. I Love that you love to do your
"homework" when your big brother is doing his. I love to watch you sound out words, and practice writing. You are doing so good!! I love watching you be a big brother to Alexa and to sneak a peak at you when you tuck her in for nap time. I love, love, love to watch you dance. Seeing you do your moves brings such big smiles to my face. I hope you never give it up and I promise to get you in the right classes so you can be break dancing before you know it!!!! But the thing I cherish most right now is your snuggles, and hugs and kisses. I love when you come tell me " I love you so much mama". You melt my heart, and I know you are getting older and it won't be so cool to snuggle your mom for much longer, but I will cherish every moment of it now. I love your laugh when daddy tickles you or makes silly faces at you. I love hearing your prayers and blessing that your grandmas and grandpas will come see you. I love that you love and want to be with your daddy so much. And to watch you try to do all that Jakob does. I love that you want to help me in the kitchen, and that you love to wear slippers. You are so special to us and we love you so much. Please slow down your growing, its passing me by to quickly. And I want to remember every second. I love you my Conner bug!!! Happy Birthday!!

after a day of fun birthday shopping

Conner and his best bud, Dad!!!

My dancing homey