Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And then there was 5!!

Just about a month ago our sweet little Avery Lyn was born!! I actually made it to my scheduled c- section, so everything was nice and calm and planned.  Our little princess arrived with a head of long dark hair, which is different for us!!  Our other babies have all had light peach fuzz hair so this has been a fun change.

 Avery has been so fun to have around.  I thought for sure that Tyler would have the hardest time having Avery around, but he adores her, and is a great big brother.  It melts my heart to watch him give her kisses and hugs and want to hold her.  And of course Jakob Conner and Alexa have been so good too.  Jakob is a true oldest child and is very fatherly, and protective of her.  Colin and I can't get to her fast enough if she makes any kind of noise before Jakob is there and taking care of her.  Conner loves to sit and talk to her and make faces at her to see if she will smile and coo at him, and Avery seems to love it!  Alexa is the true big sister. She pick out her outfits, and makes sure that her hair band and bow matches as well as her blankets and burp cloths!!

For me this time is bittersweet, I know that Avery is our last, so every day as she gets bigger I remember that I will never have another newborn to snuggle, but then in the middle of the night I jump for joy that I will never again have another newborn :)
 As this month has come and gone I have been so grateful for  For my Hubby and my Mom.  Without either of them I don't think I would of survived this last month.  And I think the reason Tyler handled Avery stealing his limelight, is because my Mom was able to devote a ton of attention to him and that made him a happy camper!!  So Thanks Mom!!

Now here are a bunch of pictures of our Little Miss Avery!!  I am so excited to see how her looks will change and see who and what she will look like!!

Miss Avery is here!! All 6lbs and14 oz

First time I got to snuggle her, even if it is just with my cheek!!

The proud parents!!

Real snuggles!!

Her first of many bows ;-)

All of my  kiddos!!
Jakob's First time holding Avery

Conner's chance to snuggle her!!

Tyler's turn!!  Melts my heart!


Grandmas turn, with Tyler's help!!

her first official outfit

ready to leave the hospital!

Her going home outfit!

All bundled up

Big brother Tyler

So precious

Colin and Avery doing the late night Espn recaps!!

Chillin' in her bouncy seat in the kitchen  helping me make dinner

Wide awake and ready to get the kids from school!!

 This little lady has been such a fun addition to the family and I am so excited for this next year!!  Welcome to our crazy life Avery!!