Thursday, October 01, 2009

Baby, preschool, caramel apples and more!!!

Well as many of you know we are expecting our 4th child in January. We found out in early September that it will be another boy!!! Here are 2 pictures from our ultrasound!!

Profile, his head is in the middle, then his body goes to the left

The between the legs shot!! The arrow is pointing to his manhood, which in my mind leaves no question :)

Also in September Both Conner and Alexa started in preschool, different ones, but we managed to get them in on the same days at he same time. So 3 times a week I have some free time. And I am loving it and the kids are loving school!!!

Conner after his first day of preschool!

Alexa after her first day!!

For family home evening we made caramel apples, and we drizzled chocolate and nuts all over them!! So yummy

And this is the kids at the farmers market eating some yummy treats!!

Enjoying some fresh corn!!!

Conner picked to have cotton candy, so messy, but so yummy!!

The next 2 are just of Alexa being silly

Rocking a side pony tail!!!

And finally I am hoping to get some video up of Jakob making a touch down ( I need Colin to do it, I don't know how to get the video from the video camera to here) So check back later!!!