Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Did It!

Once upon a time ( about 4 years ago) Colin decided that he wanted to go back to school. I will forever remember the moment when he told me. It will be engraven in my mind for a long long time. We were sitting down stairs in our house in Washington. I was holding Alexa, she was just a few months old. And Colin said "I think I want to go back to school". Colin has been going to school since I met him. Every time we had a baby he would take a semester off, so I assumed he was talking about a school in Washington, one close to home. Then He continued that he wanted to go to byu or byu-i. The feeling of everything falling out from under you is what I felt. I knew that it meant that we would be selling our house, walking away from the perfect job, and leaving all our family and friends behind. I also knew my husband well enough to know that we would not be purchasing a house where ever we moved. My hubby is to logical to purchase a house for just a few years " It not worth the investment". So that meant an apartment which meant getting rid of alot of things, basically a whole basement of furniture, and a garage full of stuff. Then we discovered that BYU-I would accept all his credits. So the decision was made. We were moving to Rexburg. I was terrified, I didn't think we would fit in. That we would be the only family with 3 kids and the town would be full of farmers. We sold our house.

packed up the moving truck,

and headed to Rexburg. My brother had looked through an apartment for us. But we had signed the papers sight un seen. That took alot of faith on my part. We got here, and the apartment was small but we fit, who knew we would even have room for one more kid! Colin and I swore that the place we moved into is where we would stay till his school was done, and we have. We have an over flowing storage unit, but we have made it work. And since then I have watched the blessings pour in. We moved into a great ward, and Colin found a great job with the City of Rexburg who would let him leave whenever for his classes. We have made so many great friends here. We have been privileged enough to be here along with my brothers. And we have been able to watch both of them fall in love with the girls of their dreams!! And we also get to be here with my sister April and have been able to go to some of the basketball games she has been coaching. Plus we have got to here and get to see baby Sydney!!

And since we have moved here this has been my Husband life and how we see him the most, doing homework
Notice the earphones to keep the noise out.

And After 2 1/2 years of hard work on Colin's part. He finally did it, He Graduated.

Most of our family was able to come and help celebrate his hard work. which we are so thankful for all of the support it meant alot to us. We recognize that our move to Rexburg made it that Grandparents/ parents would have a much longer drive to visit the grand kids. And it has meant the world to us that our kids are important enough to you to make the trip many many times!!

Graduation day came. I decided that I wanted to take some thing to Colin's work so that all the city employee would know that he had done it. So I took a bunch of balloons to his office and then we took enough nacho stuff for all the employees to eat up on one of Colin's favorite things!!
then later that day it was graduation time. Alot of people offered to watch our kids during graduation. But it was so important to me that our kids get to watch their Daddy Graduate. Hopefully it will make a lasting impression and help them to realize that going to college is worth every sacrifice.

Colin has made some really good friends in his classes, and really respects his professors. I am just so grateful to everyone who has made this crazy journey enjoyable. We have had so many people think we that we were crazy from walking away from such a great job. Even the Mayor and headhanchos from the city when Colin interviewed told him he was crazy when they saw on his resume what his old job was and how much he was making. But this decision is something that I knew was the right thing and will Never question.

Trying to get this picture was so hilarious, Alexa was screaming, and Jakob and Conner we doing what boys do best, goofing off.

I just want to tell Colin how much I love him, and how proud of him I am. I know it wasn't easy. And everyone I know is amazed that you could go to school and work full time. What can I say you are superman! Congrats Babe!!

Now on to the next adventure. Finding the perfect job. we have been fortunate enough that Colin has a good job so we can afford to be really picky in our job search. And who knows we might just keep the job he already has. So stayed tuned for the next chapter in our adventure!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter outfits a week early!!

Since General Conference is on Easter and we will be staying home  and watching in our jammies, I let the kids wear there Easter outfits this last Sunday.  I first would like to thank my hubby, he is such a good sport and is always willing to match the rest of the family.  He was even willing to wear a purple tie,  but unfortunately I couldn't find any that weren't flowery.  So green it was.  And every time i have my kids dressed to match we get so many compliments about how cute they look.  For me it was the just how I was raised.  We always had coordinating Easter outfits!!  And I also need to thank children  place for always having matching outfits in all different sizes, I have taken advantage of this many many times, and will again for Colins graduation!!

My Tyler is getting so big, he is really filling out

The Kids were fighting over who got to hold Tyler for the picture so they each took turns

Our Cute family !!