Monday, November 26, 2007

A New Favorite

This last Thanksgiving weekend we decided to rent some movies. I told Colin that if they had Hairspray to get it. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So I started watching it while I was peeling potatoes for thanksgiving dinner, I got to watch about 20 minutes, but later that night after the kids were in bed and Colin and my brothers were playing video games i decided to finish watching it in my room. I loved it. It was funny and I love the music and the dancing. The next morning i made Colin and the kids watch it with me. They all loved it. Yes even Colin. Last night he was trying to down load the soundtrack, but I told him I want the CD from the store so that can read the words to the songs and learn the word quicker. This morning I woke up to him singing "Good morning Baltimore". I love my husband, what other guy would be into a musical with me. He even told my brothers that it was good and that they should watch it on a date!!! Yes I have trained him well!! Any ways back to the movie. I was blown away by the singing and dancing. Zac Efron is in it and I thought it was just a small roll, but man did he do a good job. He has a big part, he sings he dances. Its way better then highschool musical. All the other people in it were great. I loved it. Its already been added to my Christmas list along with the soundtrack!!! If you haven't seen it go rent it, If you love musicals like grease, you"ll love this. Then let me know what you think and be aware that you will get the songs stuck in your head, and you will feel like dancing!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Love to See the Temple

The Rexburg Temple is beautiful. It sits on the only hill that is around for miles and there are no tress to block the view. So you can see if from everywhere. Walk out of Walmart there is the temple. Go out side and play there's the temple, anywhere on campus, any where in Rexburg you can see it. When coming back from Idaho falls you can see the temple miles before you get to Rexburg ( especially at night). Now let me tell you about Jakob. He is my worrier. He is very aware of his surroundings and what is going on, some times I think to much aware for a 4 year old. With that said our first week in Idaho we ventured to Idaho falls to see what kind of stores they had so we knew what we had to work with, you know checking out our new neighborhood so to speak. Of course having been our first time there we got lost, or should I say trying to find the freeway again. Jakob was very nervous. He even cried a little cause he didn't know how we were going to get home. We found the freeway but that didn't rest his worrying mind, not till 30 miles later and he spotted the temple up on that hill. Then he was fine. The temple let him know he was safe and back home, which is what Colin and I had been telling him the whole time, but we couldn't reassure him, just the Temple.
A week or two later when Colin had a job interview and the job was someplace that we had never been before, we decide to go take a drive and find it so the next morning he wouldn't get lost. Which was good because we found the place easily enough but it was a farm town which mean no lights any where and it was totally dark, so of course we missed the turn and drove around in circles for a while. Once again Jakob got very nervous and was very worried about things. And the same thing happened he wasn't ok until he found that Temple.
So now every time we go anywhere even out our front door I hear " Mom there's the temple". The other 2 have joined in and its now like a game, who can spot the temple first and how many time can they see it.
Maybe some day my kids will see the real irony of always having the temple in their sights to feel safe. Maybe then it wont be just a land mark for them, but an eternal destination. And a place to always feel safe and home again.
And yes we plan on taking him( maybe the other 2) to the open house. I think it will be something that he will remember forever.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Cinderella and her 2 Incredible body gaurds

We had a very fun Halloween. Conner screamed his head off when we put his costume on, I think he might of been scarred of it. But once we got it on him and he saw other kids wearing costumes he was fine. After we got home from trick or treating Colin noticed that he put Conner's mask on upside down. We are so bad that we didn't notice earlier in the night. Oh well. The kids had alot of fun trick or treating with there new friend and neighbor. Also it was lot of fun to all the other ward members out and about. Here are a few fun pictures.

like I said earlier Conner's mask is upside down.

Doing what she does best, making a mess

Before we got costumes on!!!

Well now its time to focus on fixing thanksgiving dinner and getting Christmas gifts. I love the holiday season. I just hope the weather cooperates so that we can drive home and be with family for Christmas. We saw our first Christmas commercial last night so i guess its officially that time of year. I am thankful that we only have like 3 channels and the one that the kids watch it PBS so not many toy commercials. So I don't have to hear " mom I want that for christmas" every 30 seconds. And maybe my kids won't realize that "Santa" doesn't have the money to get them all they want this year. If they only ask for 2 things then they will get all they asked for right!!! Well Happy shopping and baking to everyone!!