Tuesday, December 09, 2008

the wedding

The Saturday after Thanksgiving my brother Brian got married to an awesome girl. They got married in Twin falls. SO we got to go on a little overnighter. The kids had fun in the hotel. They loved the bath tub!!

The next morning we were up and at them early to get to the temple on time. The kids sure looked cute all dressed up!!
Right as they came out of the temple!!

Lacy was so gorgeous!! And these to have so much fun together!!

Heres our attempt at a family picture in front of the temple. It was so windy

Brian and Lacy at the Luncheon. It was so nice. Good job Mom and Dad!!

Natalie and Alexa
Cute kids!!
Conner and April

After the luncheon was over and we were cleaning up, conner helped by collectin the left over treat buckets. But he never wanted to put them down. Eventuyally we talked himinto hiding them them in my purse. So we came home with mayber 30 treat cups!!
Brain and Alexa at the reception later that night!!

Congratulations you guys, we love you!! And Lacy welcome to the family, I couldnt have asked for a better sister inlaw!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Twilight .... Finally

I know I'm late, everyone has already seen it, I decided to wait and see it with my sisters and mom when they came in town. And that we did. My Mom, Laura, Natalie, Lacy, and I went to go see it. The only person missing was April and we sure missed her. But we loved the movie. Laura wasn't crazy about Edward. But both Natalie and I loved him. I wasn't crazy about the guy they picked for Jacob, but Laura loved him. Other then that I thought it was really good. Sure there were a few things that were off from the book. But over all I walked away from the movie with the same feeling as when I finished the book, ready for the next one. And I will definetley be seeing it again!!!This isn't at the movie( we tried to get a picture but cameras wern't working), so this is us minus Lacy, at the wedding luncheon!!