Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a weekend

This last weekend my brother Jordan got married. It was alot of fun to be around family. And to see Jordan and Natalie be sealed for eternity. Natalie picked some really cute clothes for the kids to wear. I thought my kids were so cute, and it was really cute to see all the nieces and nephews running around in such cute clothes. Here are some fun pictures from the wedding.

Right before we left for the temple
Alexa and I being silly while we waited for Jo and Nat to come out of the temple

Jordan and all his nephews!

Natalie and all the of her nieces!

Our family enjoying the snow cones at the reception.

Jakob insisted on standing in the line and shaking hands.

All 3 of my kids insisted on dancing with Jordan and Natalie after their dance

Alexa and Conner making silly faces !!

I thought the luncheon and the reception were awesome. I am so excited to have Natalie as a sister. And I am even more excited to see what their life will bring them, and to be a small part of it. Congratulations you two, we love you!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

His Big Day!!

When I was at my sister April's graduation, my Mom and Dad were celebrating because It was an end of an Era, all of their kids where out of high school. So Today Colin and I started our own Era. Jakob started kindergarten today. He has been so excited and so ready for this. Yesterday his school had an open house so we got to go meet his teacher, and see his classroom. After that Colin and I took him out to lunch. It was really fun to just spend some one on one time with him and get to talk with him about starting school with out Conner and Alexa interrupting. Today Jakob was up and had his bed made before I was up. He was just sitting on his bed waiting for me to come "wake him up". We had laid his clothes out the night before and got his backpack all ready to go. So it took us no time to get him ready for the bus. He was so excited that he had to go out and wait for the bus like 10 minutes before it was due. But when it came there were no hesitations, no looking back, just confidence. We decided to meet the bus at the school to make sure that he got off and could find his class. He did great. Once again he was not nervous and he just marched right in with out really giving me a 2nd thought. I did manage to get a picture of him right out side his class room door. Then I gave him a quick hug and he was gone. Nothing but confidence once again. And as I walked back to the car I cried. Not because he was sad, not because I was nervous for him to be on his own. But because He dosen't need me any more. He didn't need the hug, I did. He didn't need to take all the pictures, I did. He didn't need the extra push to be separated, I did. And for all of that I Love him even more. I am so very proud of him. He is sooo ready for this next step, And I am excited to see all of the learning and growing he will do this next year. As long as he will still snuggle me every once and a while I think I will survive!!

Looking Good in his new clothes, notice the shoes, he loves them!

Waiting for the bus!!
Right on time!!

Off the bus and walking to his classroom

Outside his classroom

Home now and doing homework!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This and That....

It was bound to happen, It was just a matter of which one of us it happened to first. Both Colin and I have parents and younger siblings that all wear glasses, so we knew it was only a matter of time. Well the time has come for Colin. And I must say I think he looks good. As for me I plan on holding out as long as possible!!
Another major thing in our house right now is the Olympics!! We are loving them. The kids have been playing volleyball with a balloon right along with all the beach volleyball teams. Alexa has been loving gymnastics. Her and Daddy have figured out a few fancy tricks, and Alexa is loving it. And hey with her small stature she might just might have a career in it!! As for Colin, Jordan, and I we are loving swimming. You should of heard us when the relay team pulled it off, and won the gold. Man was that incredible. We still can't believe it. Colin has probably watched the replay a few times now!!! Jakob loves seeing the " china wall". He still is convinced that he is going on his mission there!

On Thursday My brother Brian comes home. We can't wait, the kids have the count down going. He is finally done with boot camp and fire fighting training. Yay! And we are excited to have him start on some more exciting adventures. I am once again so glad to be in Rexburg for all these adventures. Jordan is in his final days of being single. And I am excited to go to Boise for thier wedding and see everything come together, i know its going to be great!!

Ok I guess this is about as random as it gets. Sorry but with so much going on that is as good as it gets

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What did you think??

So I Finished the book Monday night and I am dying first of all to see what others thought. I had the privilege of being with my mom, sisters, and aunt when the book came out. And you better believe we were at walmart before midnight. And we each got our copy. It was really fun to be together and read. We would each be making sounds and talking about things. But then we had to part our ways. Tonight I took the kids to one of Colin's softball games, every wife that was there had her book with her, and was reading and chatting as they went. I was the only one there that had finished so I didn't want to say much, in fear of telling them something they hadn't read yet. Anyways, people that have finished, what did you think? Was it everything you thought it would be? And does any one know, was that it? Is she done with this story line? I hope not cause I just love these books. Now the count down is on for the movie to come out. I can't wait!!!