Monday, March 31, 2008


We had a good Easter, my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner. It was a nice relaxing day. We didn't do any easter egg dying, we intended to, had all the stuff to do it just never seemed to find the time oh well. Next year. I thought I would post a few pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes.

Finding their Easter baskets

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

# 3, The purse cake!!

I was trying to decide what cake to do for Alexa for her birthday, then I remembered a birthday party Jakob went to where she had a purse cake. So I decide to try one. I think it turned out good. It could of been better if I had used fondant all over instead of butter cream, but I wanted people to actually want to eat the cake as well as thinking it looked nice so most of the cake is butter cream with some fondant add ons. Here is how it turned out.Everything on the cake is edible, even the nail polish and the lipstick( fondant painted with food coloring) except for the wire that is holding the fondant beads for the handle. Colin has been such a big help with all the cakes, he has been the cake shaper guy, on this one he was the wire guy. And last but certainly not least, he has been the taste tester to tell me if the frosting needs anything else, or if the cake is good!! Thanks babe. I love you! Here are a few pictures of Alexa enjoying her birthday. Enjoy
opening presents

blowing out candles!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our little bug!!

Dear Alexa,

You comming into our family was a little unexpected, But we realize now that is was the perfect time!! I was so excited to have a girl. But it has been so much better then I could of imagined. Having you watch me everyday, it makes me want to be a better person, a better example for you. I see you mimic my every move, from putting on makeup, to how I sit. I am in love with the fact that you love musicals, and I can't wait till you are older and we can get tickets to go see all the shows. I love that you love to wear dresses. I love that you love bows in your hair. I love to see that special bond you have with daddy, he loves you so much. I love how you are small in stature but not in attitude. Grandma Moon just smiles and tell me that it just payback, I guess I deserve it. I love how you are so sweet with your brothers, and also how you terrorize them just for fun, its pay back really. I love how you love to snuggle me, and your little crooked smile you get when you are pretending to be shy. I think it so cute how you love your one blanket, and how much of a little mother you are to your dolls. I am so thankful to have another girl in this house full of silly boys and I think between the 2 of us we can handle anything they throw at us. I love you so much my little bug. I can't wait to see what the world holds for you. I can't believe you are 2. Happy Birthday Alexa, may all your dreams come true!!

Alexa with our neighbor

Easter dress!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is for Grandma's and Grandpa's

Both Grandma and Grandpa Bowler and Grandma and Grandpa Moon, and even great Grandpa Moon really spoiled my kids this year. Both G&G Bowler and great grandpa moon sent money. So each of my kids ended up having $45 to spend. Great grandpa even sent the kids a little something with the money. he sent each of the boys a planet hero figure, which the boys hadn't heard of but now are obsessed with, and that is what they spent their money on. He sent alexa a princess book that plays music and she love to listen to it all the time. Well Colin found out that Toys R us was haing a buy one get one free on all fisher price stuff, which of course is who make planet heros. So we took the kids to toys r us. We had previously signed the kids up for the birhtday club so when we got there they go to get ballons and a birthday crown. Then the real fun began. The kids were in heaven. We soon found out that transformer stuff was buy 2 get one free. Alexa found the makeup sets fast and wanted them all. So we had our cart loaded. Here are some pictures once we were home and the kids were waiting nicely ( yeah right) for us to open thier purchuses.
Grandma and Grandpa Moon sent a fun present, a set of 8 kids aprons that they can decorate themselves, chef hats, and a pot and pan set for each of them. They loved it and they had tons of fun decortating them and wearing them while we made pizza . They seem to need to wear theirs when ever I bake.
Thank you to everyone who spoiled my kids this month. They loved it. The night that we took the kids to toys r us I was putting the boys to bed and jakob said to me " this was the best day of my life"! So thank you for making the best day of their lives happen.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

cake 2 of 3

Let just say this cake didn't turn out as good as I planned. I had good intentions really. I found a lower calorie, less fat recipe of carrot cake, which is what Jakob has been asking for. It even came with a recipe for frosting that was more healthy. So I made the cake, and the frosting. Jakob wanted to have carrot cake in the shape of a carrot. Colin and I decided that we would just cut out maybe the top half of the carrot cause we didn't want to have to cut off so much cake to bring it to a small point. And then I decided that I wanted to try to cover the cake with fondant. Which all the fancy cake decoraters do. So we did that and I thought it turned out ok. But when it came time to cut the cake and eat, it wasn't so yummy. The fondant was weird. The layer of frosting I had put on under the fondant was had some honey in it and the honey had separated from everything else and was running down the sides of the cake. so lets just say not everyone finished their piece of cake. After all was said and done and I was cleaning up the mess I was just going to throw the cake away. Colin suggested we take the fondant off and put some of the left over butter cream frosting on it that I had used to decorate with. So that is where the cake is now, fondant off green butter cream icing on!! So I guess I wont be using fondant on alexa's cake. Oh well lesson learned.

Monday, March 17, 2008

You are my sunshine

Dear Jakob,
From he first time I laid eyes on you, I have loved you. You are such a sweet, sensitive boy. Always looking out for me and the rest of your family. You have been my snuggler since the day you were born. I love getting hugs from you. and hearing you say "I love you mom, so much". It just melts my heart every time. I look back and realized how far you've come, how much you have grown and learned. I am amazed at your inteligence. I Love to watch you discover words and reading them. I love to see your dads personality come out in you, and his way of thinking. Because Of that I know you will go far in life and be succesful. I love your sweet little testimony. I love your desire to know all that you can about the gospel. And your simple faith. If only we could all be that way. I love that you watch out for your brother and sister, like the older brother you are. I love to see and hear you interact with your grandmas and grandpas, I hope that bond will last forever. I love to listen to your prayers , to your stories, to your songs, and your magic shows. I love getting " I love U" notes from you. I hope they never stop. I love your excitement for life. I love you Jakob. Happy Birthday my big little 5 year old!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

One down, 2 to go

Well this last weekend was Conner's birthday. He requested a Transformer bumblebee cake. My sweet husband for valentines day bought me a Wilton cake decorating kit. I have been wanting to learn how to decorate cakes. So he got me the stuff that would get me started. I have often thought that if I could rewind my life instead of going to school for early childhood education, I would go to cooking school and also to train to be a pastry chef. So with all the said, I figured there is no way better to learn then just to do it and learn from my mistakes. So the bumblebee cake is what I did. And here is how it turned out.

It was alot easier then I thought. Making the royal icing was a piece of cake. And doing the fill in part was easy. As you can tell I need more practice with the writing, but hey it was my first attempt. Conner loved it, He was so excited.

Now I am on to figuring out what to do for Jakob's and Alexa cake. Jakob has requested a carrot cake in the shape of a carrot so i guess we will see how that turns out.

Friday, March 07, 2008

1 year older, and wiser too....

Dear Conner,

You are getting to be so big. I Cant believe that you are 3 now. Our life has been pretty crazy since you've been born. With me getting pregnant 3 months after you were born, and then welcoming your little sister to the world before you could even walk. But you were a sweet and easy baby, I sure you knew she was on her way before we did and you were waiting for her. Then we packed up and moved And all of our lives changed again. Once again you were sweet and easy, just going with the flow of things. Now that our lives have calmed down, you have grown and blossomed. You are getting so big, and smart. I smile as I watch you every day learn and discover new things you can do. I watch you try to follow in your older brothers footsteps. I love to see you be your own sweet little person. I see the relationship you have with your younger sister, and how you are always looking out for her. She will love you for it when she is older!! And frankly so will I. I love your big wide smile. I love it when you sing and dance. I love when you want to snuggle me. I love when you run up to me in the middle of playing just to tell me " I woves you mama". I love when you "transform ", when you are pretending to be a transformer. I love when you say your sorry to your brother or sister even though they are the ones that hit you!! I love to listen to you saying your prayers. I love your little personality. I love you my Conner bug, so very much!! I can't wait to see what else you will discover this next year. Happy Birthday!!!