Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There is just a little bit of Laura in there!!

So I swear my kids have none of my genes in them. If you know Jakob then you know he is a miniature Colin. Conner is looking more and more like Jordan and my Dad. Alexa now she might have more of me then anyone, but some of it I don't want to take claim for. But lately I have been noticing more and more of my sister Laura showing up in her. Maybe its because I miss Laura so much that I looking for it, but I don't think I'm going crazy. Growing up Laura was constantly getting after me (and everyone else) to not touch her. Its not like we intentionally bugged her but if I was sitting next to her in church and my long hair some how touched her she would get mad. Or if you sat too close to her, or looked at her ( ok maybe not that bad). But guess who has been doing this at my house latley. Yep Miss Alexa throws a huge fit if her brothers, or Dad sit any where near her, or if they touch her or her blankets ( which she now calls her Medecine blankets and her heart blanket, go figure). Recentley Alexa has taken to wearing her bathing suit under neath all her clothes and once again this is soooooo Laura. You see when Laura was younger her and her best friend Melissa had this theory that if they wanted it to snow they would wear their snow suits to bed, to school, anywhere they could get away with it. And you know what it some times worked. And then of coure they also did vise versa, if they wanted to see the sun they would wear their bathing suits under their clothes for days!!! I have really been having flashbacks when I see Alexa being so Laura. Now maybe if Cameron starts making brady doing excersises on christmas mornings, or saying "go back in my histroy" Laura will know that Cameron has a little bit of me mixed in there.!!!
Laura holding Alexa And baby brady ( about 2 years ago)
Alexa in her bathing suit phase!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Laundry, How do you do it???

I have serious laundry issues. It seems I always have piles, dirty or clean. I feel like I have tried it all to stay on top of things. I have done all the laundry in the house One day each week. It made for a long day of washing folding and putting away. Then I switched to Doing laundry by room. Colin and mines on Monday, boys on Tuesday, Alexa Wednesday, towels and bedding Thursday. But it seemed like I never had full loads, and I can't just mix whites, darks and reds all in one load for the boys. So Next I went to doing a load or two each day. Now I just do it when I have time. But here is my major problem. I am really good at getting stuff washed but getting it folded and put away is a different story. I have found that I like folding the clothes and putting them away after the kids go to bed and I am watching my shows that are recorded. But the problem with that is that I have baskets of clothes sitting around all day and my kids some how always mange to dump them out and make an even bigger mess. So I want to know what works for you? What is your routine? How about socks? Do you throw them all in a big basket and then mate them all once a week or how do you work it? How do you guarantee the same socks in the same load? Do fold as soon as it comes out of the dryer, or does it sit? Tell me your secrets cause seriously I need a new routine! Help!!!