Thursday, January 28, 2010

I must be crazy

This is, I believe the first blog post I have written. The following story is straight from my mouth, and I am quite proud of what I did today! Enjoy...

While I was over at the Police Department yesterday helping fix some computer problems they were having, a few of the officers told me that they were having TASER training in the morning. I thought nothing of it, but a few of the guys suggested that I come and participate.

Later on in the evening I got a call from one of the patrol supervisors about a computer issue, and he too suggested that I join them. The thing they didn't tell me was there was going to only be 3 of us getting tasered. The rest were there just to watch and have a fun time.

All day long I kept getting calls from the PD about the same thing. I told them that I couldn't dedicate my day to the training, but I will show up at 3 to participate in the games. I don't think they took me seriously, but when I showed up at 2:50 they all had a laugh and asked if I was going to do it.

With something to prove, and to become part of the brotherhood, I told them that I was ready! With the 2 other officers already taken care of, it was now my turn. I don't know why anybody would subject themselves to 50,000 volts with 2 amps (it must be a manly thing), but I was focused and ready. The video below tells the rest of the story.

Entry wound

These are the prongs they shoot

Thanks Babe!! I think you are right when you said that its just manly, because I cant think of any reason why any one would volunteer for that. You crazy macho men.

So I couldn't let a post go up with out a few pictures of our cute little man. I cant believe he is 3 weeks already. We are loving him so much, but I think he might have his days and night mixed up. I keep praying that it will start working it self out. Until then if Colin or I look like we are asleep on our feet, well we certainly wish we were!!

Conner playing with Tyler

The Bowler Boys!

Bath Time!! ( I love this picture of him!! He is changing so much)

Alexa having her snuggle time

Now its Jakob's turn

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Tyler!!!

Well these last 9 days have just been crazy. I am finally getting around to the pictures that I have promised my sister, and rest of the family. So here is the story and all the pictures to go with!!

I was scheduled to have a c- section on the 11th almost 2 weeks before my due date. Everything of course was scheduled around that date including my parents coming up to help with the kids. So on Wednesday morning the 6th at 2:45 am when my water broke I almost had a panic attack. I had no one to watch the kids no back up plan, nothing. And let me just say having your water break on its own, instead of the Dr. doing it in the hospital, is quite the experience to say the least. I can't even imagine having that happen in a public place. I was embarrassed enough walking into the hospital while leaking fluid. After hitting my hubby ( who had only been in bed for an hour because of homework) to tell him what had happened we were able to get a hold of my sister ( who had only been asleep for an hour due to fun college life :-) and have her come watch the kids!! Thanks April you are a life saver!! We got to the hospital and after some test to check if my water was really broken ( whatever, of course it was, did they think i just walk around and continually wet my self) they called the Dr. and we were able to finally get he ball rolling. Our precious Tyler was born at 7:56 am and was a whopping 5 lbs 15 oz. and 19 inches long. I don't know why but beside Jakob my babies have all been teeny tiny. I would just like to say that I was so nervous that my kids would be so bent out of joint when Tyler came along, but it has been just the opposite and love him so much and have been the best helpers and love to snuggle and kiss Tyler as much as they can!!! I also need to thank everyone who helped us on Wednesday. When My water first broke I texted my mom and jokingly told her to start driving ( they live in Washington) cause my water just broke. Well she was not messing around and both her and my dad were in the car and on there way here with in an hour. She also took over calling people who could help watch the kids till they got here so Colin and I wouldn't have to stress about it. My parents have been life savers. Thanks Dad for coming and helping with the kids. And Mom I would not be surviving if it were not you. Thank you for coming and staying and be willing to sleep on an air mattress for 2 weeks and take care of everything for me. I love you guys!! I also need to thank Ryan and Stacy Graham for first of all answering their phone so early and also for taking the kids for a while. You were such a big help, thank you!!! And then of course to my sister April and brothers for each taking turns watching the munchkins and for driving them up to the hospital. Thanks for making everything run so smoothly.

Tyler is such a sweet baby. He loves to snuggle and be held. He has had jaundice and has had to use a Billi blanket to bring his numbers down . But he has been a trooper. And we love him. I think we have decided that he resembles Conner's baby pictures the most, so we will see if that holds or if his looks will be totally different. Here are a ton of pictures of our cute Tyler!! Enjoy!!

Colin getting all dressed up in scrubs to go into the operating room with us

Here he is!!

First bath

Snugly jammies

Daddy and Tyler decked out in their foot ball gear, you got to start them young you know!!

Conner and Alexa with the flowers from Colin's work

Tiny foot!!

Uncle Blake

Uncle Jordan

Conner's first time holding Tyler

Alexa first time holding him

Jakob's first time

Day # 2

Daddy and Tyler

Conner with balloon he picked out for Tyler

Tyler and his frogs

My oldest with my youngest

Uncle Brian

Grandpa finally made it after along drive

Grandma Moon

Our glow worm, using the billi blanket to help with the jaundice.

Our first family pictures as a family of 6

My sweet boys

Tyler getting ready to go home!!

All strapped into his car seat!

welcome home tyler

He may be a thumb sucker??

the kids giving a quilt that my mom made for tyler the snuggle test, I think it passed!!

Tyler and his snuggly football blanket

he is so stinkin cute

Daddy and tyler, I just love that cute brown beanie that I found for him he looks so cute in it.

Life with 4 kids has been ok so far, but my mom has been here every step of the way so when she leaves i might change my mind. I'll let you know

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas in Rexburg

This year for Christmas we decided to stay home, we had a great time. It was a nice relaxing day. But we still missed our family and all the fun that we missed. But I think we did a good job of creating some good memories. Here are some pictures from our Christmas!!

This year our Christmas outfits were black and silver!! I thought we were looking pretty good!!!

On Christmas eve we decided to take the kids and go see Chipmunks the Squeakwll and play Some of the games they have at the movie theater. We had a blast!!

Then we headed home and did our traditional Christmas Eve routine. Part of which we all get new pjs!!

Then the kids decided they wanted to all sleep in the same room for the night.

Christmas morning, Alexa got a caboodle to keep all her makeup in. She still is packing this thing around.
Conner got the Handy Many tool shop

Princess set from g& g moon!!

green scooter from g & g moon

Keyboard from g&g moon

All the kids got Knitted hats from G& g bowler!!

Jakob sporting his new bathrobe

Alexa and her jewelry box

Snow sled from Jo and Nat which they love

Nerf guns
GI Joe dress up stuff
Bathtub little mermaid
Alexa in her new bathrobe and putting on her new makeup

The boys and all there GI Joe stuff From Santa

Colin and his pull up bar, you are so buff babe!!

And then the next day we headed out to get good use of the new snow sled. We had so much fun

We had a great holiday, and had lots of fun with Daddy being Home!!