Friday, January 25, 2008

Our Yearly Trip

Yes once again its that time of year where we made the dreaded trip. That is right we had our yearly visit to the ER, well the byu-i student health services, yesterday afternoon. Alexa was running down the hall tripped over a blanket fell and cracked her head on the corner of the bathroom wall. I was right there in the bathroom when it happened and i knew as soon as she hit is would be bad. I saw her forehead split i watched her skin loose all color and the blood just start pouring. Its wasn't even a questions if she needed stitches or not. I knew she did.

The student health services got us in right away, Much faster then a regular ER. Everybody was really nice, they thought Alexa was adorable, and very fast. we saw the DR. with in seconds. The only thing we had to wait for was the cream they put on her head to numb it, to do its job. While we waited the 20 minutes or so the nurses kept bringing Alexa candy. She loved it. She had been amazing no crying, no being scared, until they came in and swaddled her with a sheet so we could hold her down better. That is when the screaming began. I think she was screaming more because she was being held down, but she fell asleep before the last stitch was in place. Funny girl. She has 5 stitches in her head.

She gets her stitches out in five days. Then we wait and see what kind of scar is left behind. She might just be one of those girls that has bangs!!! But I pray that it goes away Conner's scar from his stitches is pretty much gone so that gives me hope!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Didn't Sign Up For This


When We decided to move to Rexberg I knew it would be cold in the winter, I knew we would get tons of snow, but I just am not prepared for today. Today it is -20 degrees and when the wind blows its -35. What, I can't handle that. When Colin woke up this morning and told me how cold it was, I told him for sure they have canceled classes,they don't want students walking in that cold of weather. I was wrong. Don't get me wrong it is absolutely beautiful today the Sun is shinning and the Snow looks so pretty. But it is so misleading. I had a glimmer of hope yesterday when the snow plow guy plowed our parking lot so good that after a few ours of sun beating down you could acutully see Parts of black pavement. So I was excited thinking finally its warming up and we can go out. But when we drove to Sam's club last night. We had to wait for the INSIDES of our windows to defrost. That was definitely a first. And then after we were done with Sam's club they were frozen again on the inside. A nice little sheet of ice.

The other night I was talking to my parents, and I was basically telling them that I was going stir crazy. You can only walk Walmart so many times, and you can only eat McDonald's food so much. It also doesn't help that there is no extra money to go spend to pass the time;) Anyways my dad started to give me a hard time about not taking the kids out to play in the snow. This is when it was -8 , So I told him it had been way to cold and that the snow was way to high ( on the parts that haven't been plowed) that Alexa would be would be pretty much covered by it. In the parking lot where it gets plowed its just a thin sheet of ice. I get nervous with them just walking on it to the car. Or the other option is for them to go play on the huge pile of snow from where the plow piles up the snow. And it is huge. My dad didn't seem to believe me about any of this. He thought I was exaggerating. So I had planned to march right out and take some pictures so he would know I was telling the truth. But I am not crazy enough to go out in - 20 degree weather to take some pictures for my dad. Sorry Dad I love you, but I guess not that much:) So today, once again, we will be staying home in our tiny apartment with our heaters blaring going stir crazy. Wish us luck!!!

So it warmed up to about -4. So I braved the weather, took out the trash, checked the mail and took some pictures. Now you tell me if you see any place you would let your small children play in the snow?This is right out side our front door, our dryer vents are right there and they kick water out. My next door neighbor did laundry today and this is what happened. It all froze!

This is the house Across the parking lot. If my kids were to play on the grass covered in snow Alexa would be up to her eyeballs, Its a good 3 feet there. Just aside note this is an accumulation of about a week and a half. this house is for sale so they regularly shovel the snow down to the grass.

Our parking lot right after the plow came through . This is all ice

this is is where the street has been carved out, yes the snow is covering all the side walks.

this is the lawn that my kids played on in the summer, where the swing set is, this picture is of my kids 3-31/2 foot slide . This snow would be up to Conner's eye balls and Jakob's shoulders

this is the pile up of snow. this picture doesn't make it look that big but if you look, its as tall as the house in the background. also at least another 20-30 feet long

And this is the other snow pile directly across from the other one. And also you can see the black pavement that gave me false hope. Now its just black ice.

So you tell me, where is the best place for me to take my kids to play, the whole town is like this. I would love any suggestions before I go Stir crazy

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back in to the Swing of Things

Well we survived the journey. That's right we went home to Washington for Christmas. well actually for 3 weeks. we were really blessed because Colin's old job wanted him to come back and work while he was in town. They paid him his old salary which is more then 3 times the amount he is making here in little ol' rexberg. So our week vacation turned into quite the stay. Thanks to both our parents for putting up with us for so long. It was really fun to be with family again, On my side all my brothers and sisters were there and on Colin's side his sister and family and brother surprised their mom and dad. So it was fun to have everyone ( minus one brother on colins side) there to celebrate with. The kids had all their cousins around to play with and they loved that. Colin and I even got to get a way a few times ( thanks to both sets of parents for watching the munchkins) and go on some dates. Colin's old work even invited us to the Christmas party where we got to go on a argosy ship and be part of the Christmas boats that was alot of fun.

Christmas was alot of fun, we were more then spoiled by grandmas grandpas, family, and by each other. The boys basically had a transformer Christmas, and Alexa had a baby doll, princess Christmas. Colin got lots of clothes and computer stuff, but I think his favorite was the Guitar Hero. It was popular with evryone!!! I got to much stuff to list off ( once again we were seriously spoiled) but my most meaningful gift was that Colin got me an upgrade on my diamond. I was totally surprised I never even thought I needed an upgrade. But I love it. Thanks babe!!

The drive up to Washington was fine the drive home was quite the adventure, We left in a hurry trying to get out of the pass before a major storm hit. But in the end it was worth it. We have been back for over a week now, we are unpacked, Christmas put away, clothes washed, and Colin is back in school and working. I am back in full swing doing the mothering thing by myself again (which is something eles I was spoiled with, lots of help from grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and yes even the cousins cause well they entertained my kids)

Here are some fun pictures of our Christmas adventures!!