Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jakobs Firsts

Jakob has had busy month this last month. He lost his first tooth (without the dentist help). He started first grade!! He had his first cavity free dentist visit. And he has started playing flag football, which of course lead to his first touchdown!!! Way to go Mr. we are so proud of you. We love you so much and you are such a great big brother to your brother and sister. You have also been such a trooper while mommy has been sick lately, but your hugs and snuggles always seem to make things better!! We love you so much big boy!! This year is gonna be a great one for you

Jakob on his first day of school

Then onto his football game, at Jakob's age they play flag football and also the coach is the quarterback and pretty much stays on the field the whole time to help the kids get lined up for defense and stuff like that. His team is called the Broncos and they are still waiting on their jerseys but they played their first game with out them and they did great!!

Jakob being team captain.

Ready, set, hike.

Running his route.

Team Huddle

Right after His touch down ( I was to slow with the camera to get the actual event, Bummer)
He was so proud of himself!!!

Colin getting to be quarterback.