Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Offical....

Well its offical, I've lost my mind. Ive been thinking I was losing it for a while now, but when I went to go change a load of laundry the other day and found my cell phone at the bottom all freshly washed, I knew my mind was gone. Now my phone is drying out. It has been for 2 days and I'm starting to realize that there is no hope for it. It doesn't do anything, so dont bother trying to call on my cell because its literally washed out.
The other thing that is offical is that the house will be on the market Thursday the 9th. We had the realitor over. And basically he bursted our bubble. The price to sell a house after you add in everyones commision, fees, and then of course all the goverment fees. Man oh man its out rageous. And then of course the market had kinda changed since we have started looking in to selling the house. So we wont be getting the money that we thought we would. The upside is that the realtor said he doesnt see the market changing much over then next few years, so maybe we can come back and buy a house for the same amount, that would be great.
Also the bathroom is nearly finished. Good job Mr. I will post pictures soon!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can't believe it's over with

Ok so yes I have fallen into the Harry Potter craze. I have purchased the last 2 books on the day they came out. Yesterday I finished reading number 7, which I thought was really good, not to many slow parts. That is all I will say about that as to not give anything away for the other fans. The thing that is just weird is to think that there will be no more books, no more hogwarts adventures. And the other thing I would like to say is please someone eles read it soon( hint hint MR.) so that I can talk about it with somebody.

Oh a few other things that I have been meaning to post. I would like to welcome my sister, Laura, the the blogging world! She started a blog a few weeks ago! Welcome!! Also I wanted to say welcome home to my 2 brothers. It been so fun to have them home and watch them interact with the kids. I am excited to live closer to them in rexburg, and maybe be a small part of all the fun they are having!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Plan

So our plan has changed a little bit so I thought I would catch you up to speed, for those of you who care. The Mr and I were really hoping to have the house on the market by now, but we seem to just keep running into snags with the bathroom. As of right now the plumbing needs to be redone for the shower and tub so we are in process of finding a reasonably price plumber to do the job quickly. Then we have to finish up the rest of the bathroom, and a few other odds and ends to a have it ready. So the plan is to put it on he market the day before we leave for our California vacation. So that we can have the house stay clean while people are walking through it. And if we are lucky we will have a buyer by the time we get home and then finish packing. Also we have found a place in rexburg. Its an apartment in a 4 plex, it's a 3 bed 1 bath. It's going to be hard going back to apartment living and not having control over wall colors and stuff like that. But it is really cheap and if it ends up just not working we will just move, again!! I think the Mr and I are both very anxious to just get the move behind us. This move has been looming over our heads for way to long now. So everyone pray that we an get our house sold in the 9 days we are partying at Disney land, sea world and the beach, and not while I am home with 3 small kids desperately trying to keep them from making a mess and having people showing up to look at my house at any given hour. Lets pray that for my sanity every thing goes according to plans. ANd that the hsoue can sell while we are having fun in the sun!!!!