Monday, September 24, 2007

A Sad Goodbye

Well its official, we do Not own a house anymore. And its sad really. It might not have been the best house, the biggest, or even the nicest but it was ours and we have so many good memories there.We had 2 babies born while living there. 3 great Christmases, 3 fun Halloween parties, 3 loud 4th of July parties, and many sleepless nights. I think that house will always hold some of my best memories, of kids learning to walk and talk, and all of our crazy adventures. It also holds some pretty stressful memories like discovering I was pregnant with Alexa 3 months after Conner was born, or making the decision to come back to school and sell the house, and then of course everything that it took to get the house on the market, and moved out. But we said our sad goodbyes. The kids and I said goodbye to our bedrooms and down stairs, I said goodbye to our kitchen and bathroom. As we drove away for the last time I cried, it would of been different if we were moving up in the world and getting a bigger better house I might not have been so sad. But now that we are here, the house papers are signed, the money is in the bank, I can say my final goodbye to our great house Thanks for all the wonderful memories. We will never forget them!! Here are a few pictures of the big ol' truck that we got to move. It was really nice we load it, they drive it. So nice!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the town of big hair, bugs and babies

Well to first catch everyone up to speed. We are moved. I know it was quick but everything just kinda fell into place and we went with it. Not to say that it wasn't crazy, but we made it and that is all the counts. Our apartment is nice but small. We realized very quickly that we would need a storage unit, and alot of creative shoving to get all our stuff to fit. we only have one box left to unpack so we did good in that aspect. Its just that I now need to go back and reorganize everything to get it all to fit with out looking to cluttered. So still lot of work to do.

Now on to the title of the blog. Holy cow do the girls have weird big hair here. I went to enrichment to night and the relief society president had big hair just poofed and sprayed to perfection. Her side burns were dyed a bright violet purple. she is in her 40-50 and was dressed regular, but her hair was just so very bad. I have seen big hair before But rexburg definitely takes the prize.

On to bugs they are huge, the 2ND night we were here we had the biggest beattle cock roach this i have ever seen it was like 2 inches long and like and inch wide. Gross and the spiders here are huge and poisnous. I hate bugs.

And let me just say babies, babies galour. everyone here is pregnant or has a new born or has like 4 little kids. And i am wondering what the car seat, seat belt laws are here. I have seen a few family with 3-4 kids all in a little 4 door car. No one has a minivan, its all trucks and little cars. and they just pile the kids in. So unsafe.
All right well I promise that I will get some pictures of the place and get them you can see how creative I have really had to be!!