Friday, January 30, 2009


Here is some more proof that my husband is superman ( I have always known but for you doubters, you know who you are, here is further evidence). My husband who is going to school full time, working full time and seems to squeeze in enough time to make sure that our kids are really clueless as to how busy daddy is, got employee of the month this month at work. I am so proud of him. Because he is going to school he has to leave work 3 different times each day for classes. But it seems that that doesn't hinder his work or what the other employees think of him. Way to go my superman. I actually think that he really loves him job. He gets to work with all the city employees, including the fire department, police department, and mayor. Its hard not to miss how fast he runs out the door when either department calls him for something. I am amazed at how much info and things that those guys tell him. Stuff he probably shouldn't know being the computer guy. But Colin loves it, and I love that he enjoys what he is doing, and even more I love that they recognize what a hard working great guy he is. He has been getting a lot of calls from co- workers to come help with their home computers, and they all offer money which is great and has Colin thinking of starting a side business. So we will see what comes of that. Here is the link to the article that was in the city of rexburg newsletter about Colin. I never in a million years could of predicted that Colin would find a job that he loves while on our adventure here in rexburg. I really thought we would just be surviving until we could get out of here. But Colin seems to be thriving, which really helps him get through the long nights of school work, and the small amount of sleep he gets every night. If he didn't love it we would all be miserable!! So Congratulations babe, you deserve it!!! And thanks once again for being our Superman!!! I love you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time for an Update

Wow it has been way to long. I hope to be better at this cause I know that all our family that is in different states like to hear and see pictures of the kids. So I will try harder!!!

We have had so much that has happened since our last post that I think that I will just give you the highlights in the form of a list. I don't feel like spending all day typing out all the details, to much to do. So here it is!

- We had our first solo Christmas. It was just our little family. And it was great, we missed grandmas and grandpas tho. But it was nice to not have to go anywhere and just stay and play all day!

-We had both sides of the family come visit us after Christmas. The entire Bowler Family minus blake. Then a few days after they left my parents and April came to drop April off at school. But we sure missed my sister Laura and her munchkins, it wasn't the same with out her.

- I have now seen Twilight 4 times. Crazy I know. But each time it was with someone who hadn't seen it yet, and I couldn't pass it up. It did help that they moved it to the $2 theater;)

-My kids have all been to the dentist, Jakob had his 2 front teeth pulled. Alexa and Conner did great. I am so glad that our insurance covers our great pediatric dentist. The kids sure love going there. And all the staff is very complimentary of my kids so I love going there too!!

-I pretty much flew solo (everyone els was on the commitee was out of town or busy) for the January enrichment, setting up, teaching, clean up, refreshments. It was alot of hard work but it was so much fun to see how creative the sisters are!

- Went through the house again, and did another D.I . run. Our apartment is to small and we have to much stuff so I am constantly going through stuff trying to minimize.

- took the kids to High school musical 3 at the $2 theater. Did not like it.

- took the kids to go see Bed Time Stories. Loved it!!!

- I have been loving having my sister April here and 2 sister in laws. But I'm still waiting for Laura to move here. It wont happen but a girl can wish, right??

- Colin started school back up, and it seems as if this semester will be the hardest yet. Crazy schedule, Crazy amounts of homework, and no sleep. Really I don't know how he does it. But he does it all very well with no complaining. He's our super dad!!

- Artic circle is adding a play area to their restaurant in rexburg. I am very excited to have somewhere besides McDonald's to take the kids during the frigid winter months!!

-Conner gets to go to the preschool on campus again, and he is so excited.

ok I think that list should get everyone caught up on what they have missed. Maybe my next post will be pictures!!