Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Very Own March Madness!!

So Any one who knows our Family knows that March is a big month for our family!!  Our 3 older kids all have birthdays in March, I know very poor planning on our part!!

And since I never did a post for Tyler's Birthday I'll add it to this post and then this can be the birthday picture post!!  We kept it really low key this year since I am preggo again and have not been feeling very well.  But the kids never seem to mind as long as they get the presents they want and get to have a yummy cake!!
Your brothers and Sister made you  a Birthday sign !!

Poor Tyler, I was feeling so crummy at this point that his First Birthday was pretty simple.
So I threw this cake together and frosted it  quickly so its not anything fancy, but he still loved it!!

he sure loved his cake and we have some pictures on our phones of the smashed  aftermath, but I'm not sure on how to get the phone picts on here.... another thing for my genius computer savvy husband to teach me!!

 A few days later Tyler decided he wanted to eat a marker.....

And he was loving it!!
Tyler you have been such a fun little boy and an even bigger blessing to our family!! I am still amazed at all that has happened since you were born.  You have been a trooper through it all!  I love that you love to snuggle and you have the cutest smile and giggle!!  It really is hard to be mad or sad around you!!  I love that you have brought out the best sides of all your siblings, they adore you and would pretty much do anything for you.  I love you Little Guy and Can't wait to see what this next year brings your way!!

Now on to our First  March Birthday..... Conner!!  He turned the big 6!!

All he wanted for his big day was a remote control car 

 and a  bike with pegs, so of course he got both!!
And this is what he pick out with his grandma and grandpa money!!  Mouse trap game and a ball to play wall ball with!!

and he really wanted to pick a cake out from the store, this was his favorite he found!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Conner!!  You are such a  big sweet heart! I love you so much my snuggle bug!

Next up is Jakob,  He was lucky enough to be born on St. Patrick's Day so his birthday is always double duty!!

Jakob also wanted a new big bike with pegs and one where the peddles  can go backwards and forward!!

 For his cake he wanted it to say Happy Birthday Leprechaun boy...  and he got it, along  with a skittle rainbow!!
 And he finally got the hockey stuff that he has been dying for

And it wouldn't be an 8th birthday without getting your fist scout shirt!!
Jakob were has these last 8 years gone?  I can't believe you are old enough to be 8.  It such a big year for you , and you get to make such a big decision about whether or not you want to be baptized.  We are so very proud of you and all the things you are doing this year!!

 And last but certainly least the drama queen herself...... Miss Alexa!!

Alexa has known since Thanksgiving weekend when we saw "Tangled" that that was the birthday she wanted!!

She of course had to have a tangled shirt

And she Really  needed to have a store bought ice cream cake.  And she was so mad when she couldn't find a Rapunzel  ice-cream cake.  So I told her that she could draw her own Rapunzel and we could add it to the cake.  So this is the final product!!
 Some how we did not get any pictrues of her presents that she got.  So here are a few cute pictures of our Alexa lou!!

on a her daddy daughter lunch date!!  Aren't they so cute!!
Alexa you are just a big sweet heart.  I love having another girl around!!  I love that you are so girlie but also not afraid to be rough and tough!!  I love you so much and I am so excited that you are getting a baby sister come August!!  You guys will best friends just like Mama is with her sisters, and you will be such a great example to her.  And between the 3 of us we will keep the boys in check!!  Love you little Miss!!

Jakob's Big Day

 March 26th was a big day for our family!!  It was the day Jakob got baptized. In our church We believe that a child should be baptized at the age of 8 for more info click here!!  Jakob has been so excited and Colin and I just can't believe that our oldest is 8 years old!!   We had lot of family come in town to be here for his special day.  And we so thankful for all the love and support we get from our family!!  

 Jakob we are so proud of you!!  You are an amazing young man, and such a great example for your younger brothers and sisters!!

Colin and Jakob dressed and ready to go!!  Jakob loving his new suit, and tie that he has to tie like Daddy

Jakob and I before he was baptized
Dressed in white!
 After he was baptized  and dressed back in his suit we were able to take a bunch of pictures!!
All  my babies!!

All the cousin that were there that day!!

The Family

Jakob with Great Grandpa Moon, and Grandma and Grandpa Moon

Jakob and Colin with Grandma and Grandpa Bowler

Jakob with his Great grandpa Moon, grandpa Bowler and grandpa Moon
It really meant a lot to us that they all were able to come!!

All the guys!!
  After he was baptized we all headed back to our house to celebrate.  We let Jakob pick what food he wanted on his big day, he of course wanted pizza!!  And Costco cake,  which I didn't not even question.  It meant less baking/ cooking for me!!
Alexa and Bailey having fun 
Tyler enjoying the cake!!
  The next day we headed to Grandma and Grandpa hotel to swim and enjoy our last night with everyone before they had to leave again.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend!!

Daddy and a Tyler getting warm

Conner swimming
Jakob was one big fish!!
And our cute Alexa
All the water bugs enjoying the hot tub!!