Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And so I cried

Sunday was a big day for Jakob. It was his first primary program. He was wearing his suit which he had set out for about 2 weeks for the big day. He had his part down. So when it was time for him to go up we were all so excited. When he got up there and sat in his chair behind the sacrament table with his scriptures in one had and his family picture in the other, he waved down to us and I cried. I cried because he looked like a missionary, he was so full of confidence, and he is just not my little baby anymore. I was so proud of him when he said his part, once again full of confidence, all by himself ( the only sunbeam that didn't need help). But I cried some more, he is just getting so big. I feel like Jakob has done alot of maturing lately. He is writing words, well copying words, but he can do it. He wrote his first letter to Santa this year. I wrote what he wanted to say then he copied it. He was so proud of himself. It just catches me off guard sometimes when he says something to me like what time it is. I have been doing preschool stuff with him since we moved here to late to get him into preschool. I am amazed each day with how easy it is for him and i love to see how his little mind works . He is my big boy now and he will be off to kindergarten next year. I cant believe it. And I'm sure i will cry that day as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I know that by the title of this blog some of you know what I am going to type about but at least you will get a good laugh at me. You guessed it I had another run in with a bee and it was not a pretty sight. NO I didn't get stung. For those of you that don't know, I for some reason ( well it could be because when I was little we went camping at sequoia national forest and there were thousands of bees that year it was horrible and I had one fly up my shorts and sting me so I'm sure that is where my fear comes from) have a horrible fear of bees. And I seriously over react when they get close to me or on me. When we were camping (a different time and place) as a family we had been at the lake and had got in the car, as my dad started to drive us back to our campsite I noticed a bee on the inside of my window, I panicked and yelled to my dad in my horrified voiced "Dad stop the car" and because I must of sounded scared to death my dad pulled right over and I flew out of the car before I told anybody what was going on. When I told my family it was because there was bee on my window, they laughed and then my dad got kinda mad( I think I really scared him and he thought something horrible had happened) that i made him pull over for a bee. Since then I have not lived that down and I always get "dad stop the car" . Now back to today, we are sitting at the table eating dinner, and out of the corner of my eye I see something come flying at me and hit my sweatshirt. I was about to yell at the kids to stop throwing food when I looked down to see a Bee climbing into the inside of my sweatshirt arm. And once again I let out a terrified squawk and was flailing allover the place. I was out of my chair and had the sweatshirt off in record time. When i finally settled down I looked at Colin and he had this look on his face that said "well its finally happened, shes lost her mind". When I told him there was a bee climbing into my sweatshirt, I could tell he didn't believe me. He thought I was over reacting to a piece of fuzz or something. But like the good husband that he is, he took my sweatshirt out side to do search. Of course he came back in finding nothing, and i had been looking in the house to see if I could find it. Then I had Colin do a search of me " is it in my hair, climbing up my back, inside my shirt" still no sign of it. So I kinda started doubting myself thinking maybe it had been a piece of broccoli that had been thrown. But I hear a familiar squawk come from the living room and there it was a WASP. It was promptly smooshed. Then I started the whole "how did it get in here, we don't have any windows open or doors. So once again my great husband chimes in to tell me that it probably landed on my when I was outside with the kids (3 hours earlier) and it has just been hanging out on my sweatshirt the whole time. You know how if you get a bug on you then every time you get an itch or a tickle you think its another bug and then your mind starts tricking to believe that there is a bug in your hair, your arm, your shirt, well that is where I am at now. Squeamish. I really hate bugs, I wish they all would just stay out of my house.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boys to Men

Its weird, it happened over night really my brother Brian went from being a college boy to an Army man. That is right he joined the National Guard. He will be leaving for boot camp the beginning of February. Then after that he will be going to fireman training. I am so happy for him cause I know its something that he has always wanted to do, but I am also scared to death. I know that he will get to go and do tons of stuff that the rest of us will never get to do. Like when we went and watched him and the rest of the byu-i rotc squad get trained and then take off in a black hawk helicopter. My kids thought it was so cool.
This is something that I never thought I would be apart of, have a family member in the army. Right now we don't even have TV so I have no idea what is really going on in the world. But I now know why people are so passionate about getting the troops out of Iraq. It's personal now. There are so many good things that can come from him joining, like the training he will get as a fireman, and self discipline, and stuff like that. And I am excited for my brother to live his dream. All I can say now is "Bush bring those troops home now, and keep them safe for the next 6-10 years". Please, so my brother can stay close to home and finish his school and just do the "guard" 1 weekend a month and be safe. Please just keep him safe

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We have been officially potty training in our house for a little over a week now. Conner has been doing really good with going pee. No accidents since the first day, yea!! I knew he was ready cause every time he did anything in his diaper even just a drop he wanted his diaper changed, so i just told him ok tomorrow we are going to start going on the potty. Like i said hes done great with going pee. But going poop is a whole nother thing. The 2nd day he had a accident in his underwear. I feel like I didn't get to mad at him, just said that he needs to go poop in the big boy potty. And then I took him in there and we put the "no no" in the potty and flushed it. Then we wiped his bum like we would of if he went in the potty. Everything I have read says to do that. But now he wont even sit on the toilet. He pees standing up now, after watching Jakob of course he needs to be just like him. days 3 and 4 of potty training we could tell that he needed to poop but wouldn't. We tried sitting him on the potty and reading books, then we tried giving him his privacy. Nothing but crying cause he didn't want to be on the potty. so we put a pull up on him and tried to convince him to go in there, it took another day for that to happen. but finally he did that and we cheered, because I would rather him go in a diaper then have him be constipated and have to take care of that. So that is where we are now. I have been reading up on it, and everything I read says that if they show major resistance to stop and try again later. But Conner is doing great with the peeing. He tells me pretty much when he needs to poop, he just wont sit on the blues clue potty. Jakob has been taking him in the bathroom when he goes so Conner can see how its done, and I keep hoping that the want to be like his big brother will kick in and he will sit on the potty. So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or ideas. Any help would be appreciated. I am so ready to stop the crying when he has to sit on the potty and just take care of business.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stress Levels

As many of you know we have had a pretty crazy 6 months or even year. And with the craziness comes stress, at least for me and it so it takes a toll on my kids and husband. Trying to sell the house and packing and moving sure can stress you out. And to that all the house renovations we did created alot of stress. On top of that there always seemed to be something else going on, a major vacation where your kids vomit the whole plane ride, or funerals where you have to pack and be out the door in day. But I have come to realize that if we can survive those 6 months of craziness we can do anything. Now that we are here, and unpacked and settled, For the first time in who knows how long our stress levels are down. I have noticed it in our kids, they are not so uptight. I for the first time can take the time to really clean things and keep them clean, so I don't have to do a mass clean every few days. Its nice oh so nice. And the biggest thing for me is for the first time since Alexa has been born I DON'T feel overwhelmed by having 3 kids. I am actually enjoying it. Maybe its that the stress levels are down or maybe its because they are all in a "good" stage right now but either way I'll take it. When I told Colin the other night that I actually feel like having 3 kids isn't so bad and that I am enjoying it he said " uh oh" so of course I quickly told him that I am not baby hungry, I am just enjoying my kids and the low stress right now. Which he was so relived, and thankful that I wasn't getting any crazy thoughts. The other thing that I feel is a blessing is because we have been living with so much craziness and stress I feel like it has prepared me and Colin for the stresses of school and work. I know Colin has alot on his plate, and that he has more stress right now then I do with homework and all, but I feel like it's manageable (Colin might disagree on some days) compared to how overwhelmed we were feeling with trying to get everything done to sell our house and move. So I guess I just need to say Thank you to my Heavenly Father for all the blessings that he has poured upon us, and for the calmness in our lives right now. I am thankful to have a husband who listened to that little voice that told him it was time to go back to school, and for his bravery and faith to go forward with it. And I am oh so thankful for my 3 children, they are a handful but I'm loving just being able to be with them (stress free) and enjoy this new adventure that our family is on.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

She's growing up!!

My Alexa is growing up and it is so fun. She defintley is a girl, drama and all. She loves Cinderella, she loves shoes, dolls, painting her toe nails, and watching mommy put on makeup. She wont got to sleep with out her pink blanket with hearts on it, and one of her little princess books. I thought for a while it was any book, so I gave her a barney book before bed, nope it had to be a princess one. At disney land we bought her a tinkerbell wand that ligths up on the end, she walks around saying bibbity boppity boo to everything. It is so fun for me to watch and see how different she is from the boys. Now of course she also loves playing with her brothers and their games and toys. She has learned how to fight back pretty quickly, and can hold her own. She is my big helper and wants to do everything that I am doing. And how can you turn down her cute face.We recently bought her some boots, some hot pink ones and also some brown ones she looks so darn cute in them . But she wants to wear them everywhere. At least boots are really in style here. At least she will fit in.This last weekend we went to my sister inlaws house for a baby blessing, Alexa had so much fun playing her her little girl cousin, and it was so cute to see them both pack around their dollys. Also she was so sweet with her new baby cousin she wanted to hold and kiss him all the time.
Alexa has discovered that she can get a small chair from the boys room and drag it in the kitchen so she can help mommy with all the stuff that needs to be done. Here she is "helping" with the laundry.

I know that my mothers words will come true someday and that she will give me lots of attitude and sleepless nights. But right now I just love hearing Bibbity boppity boo amongst all the shooting noises coming from the boys. And I cant wait for all the fun adventures to come.