Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Dear Grandma

Well this summer has been crazy to say the least, with kids, putting our house on the market, and vacations. I feel like I haven't been home much, which I haven't really, and when we have been home we get phone calls that someone wants to come look through the house, so out we go. As all of this stuff has been going we been deal with some hard things with my grandma. Right before our California vacation we got a call from our dad who got a call from his family in Utah that grandma keeps falling and they have to call 911 to help her get up. They also said that they had a Dr. appointment for her to find out what was going on. To make a long story short she was diagnosed with Colan cancer that had spread to her lungs and liver. She was also give 4-8 months to live. And i was told that it is pretty painful. Of course the whole family was praying for the best out come and that she could be in no pain. We also decided to go ahead with the California vacation minus grandma and grandpa. Right before we left for vacation grandma was put into a care center because she was falling to much and grandpa was having a difficult time taking care of her. we got back from vacation on Saturday night and that following Tuesday we got a call saying that grandma was not doing good and that if we wanted to talk to her before she passed that we should get there asap. So my mom and dad brothers and sisters all decided that we would go and leave the next day. Unfortunately she passed away during the night. Of course every one was shocked. It had only been about 3 weeks from her diagnosis. The funeral was planned for Saturday , so we hopped in the car and headed to salt lake. The Mr. and I had decide that it probably wasn't such a good idea to take the munchkins to a viewing and funeral. We didn't think they would be very reverent. So the Mr. stayed home with the kids and i hitched a ride with my sisters. Which i must say was very fun, we drove through the night so we could be there for the Friday viewing. It was a sad weekend It was hard to walk into the viewing room and see grandma. It was hard to see grandpa and her 5 sons say their goodbyes before closing the casket. But through it all my grandpa was a trooper, his testimony was so strong and he was just so thankful that grandma was pain free. He truly lifted everyone else up, and really set the mood for every one else. Thank you grandpa. And Grandma I love you, but I'm sure you are enjoying your loved ones up there, and all thous unborn great grandchildren. Till we meet again!!!
On a lighter note that same weekend my sister in law had her little baby boy. I was lucky enough to get to visit him, them. It was kinda fun to see the begging of a new life at the same time of one just ending. So congrats to my sister in law and her family on their new little one!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Here are some pictures of our fun time at Disneyland

The kids loved the Tea cups
The kids were a little nervous to go into a whales mouth.
the buzz light year ride was a blast!!

Oh there you are peter!!!

My kids love aladdin, we saw 2 different plays of aladin while we were there.

so fun!!

Maybe later I will get hte rest of the pictures up of our vacation. Seaworld, the beach, all that fun stuff!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Trip to the Magical Place!

We made it home. It was such a fun vacation. Of course it had its ups and downs, both figuratively and literally. We had a rough start. The morning that we left Little Miss Love Bug was sick and she threw up but we new the trip must go on. To much money was all ready spent to let a vomiting child stop us. Well how about 2 children? Nope that didn't stop us either. My little Picasso joined the club as we were driving to the airport. I had a feeling it was coming cause well he just had the look. Not only was it coming out the top end but the other end as well. So we had a throw up session in the security line, in the preboarding line and of course on the plane. But don't worry some how I was prepared we had my backpack full of changes of clothes, diapers and a last minute addition, thanks mom, small garbage bags. Even before the plane took off the Mr. had Picasso in the bathroom changing his diaper and pants. I also was stocked up with benadryl to make my kids mellow out. After the first 20 minutes or so they were all asleep, thank goodness. We had to change planes in Oakland Ca. ( anything for cheap tickets right) and that went smoothly. The worst was behind us and the 2nd flight went well. We met up with the rest of my family ( who managed to all get on the same flight with no layovers for the same price, there just wasn't room for my family of 5) and headed to baggage claim. I really wish I would of taken a picture of all of our luggage. We had to use 2 of those carts just for my family's luggage. It was crazy I was pushing the stroller with Lovebug in it, loaded down with all of our carry on stuff ( backpacks and blankets) and I was carrying Picasso. The Mr was pushing the cart with most of the luggage and Einstein was pushing the other cart. He did really good, and he loved it. So we set off to find the shuttle that took us to the car rental place. That was an adventure. But once we got the van the craziness was over, we headed over to the hotel that was one block down from Disney Land and tried to re group for our next few days there. The kids were miraclulously better the next morning( well still some diarrhea issues but that wasn't going to stop us. Disney land was everything I remembered and a whole lot more. I was so excited for my kids to see all of the characters of their favorite movies, and to just be part of the magic. Right off the bat we hit the peter pan ride and of course peter himself showed up, my boys were so excited. what a way to start off our adventure. We had 2 day park hopper tickets and let me just say not even close to enough time. We could of easily stayed 2 or 3 days at Disney land and then did a day at California adventure. but we managed to fit it all in. I will post pictures in my next blog, but let me just finish on this note, We will be going back some day and I cant wait!!!

The House

Well we did it, we finally got the house on the market. It went up the day we left for Disney Land. I must say that I never seen my house so empty and so clean as it is, was, the day we left. And yes we finally got the bathroom done. I think it looks great. Here are the pictures of the final product.

Here is the new bathtub, notice the nice wall with no window. The Mr. did all the dry wall and everything himself. Not to mention all the re plumbing he had to do to make the new bathtub work. The Mr. and my dad worked long and hard on that!
Here's an over all view of the whole bathroom.
The new flooring!!
We put in new faucets and a new light fixture. Plus we decided to stain the wood darker. I think it looks nice!!!

Well it was alot of hard work but I think it turned out great. Thank you to all those who helped. We couldn't have done it without you.