Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Growing Up!

So I thought it was time to put some updated pictures of the kids up, and catch everyone up to speed with how we are doing. Einstein is doing good, he is eating us out of house and home. He is just a growing boy. Not around the waist, which I wouldn't mind so his pant waist could actually fit him, but he is just getting taller and taller. His 5t pants and shirt are to short. So we now shop in the big boy section, which means that since the 5ts were to big around the waist but to short, the next size is huge on him around the waist but a good length. He will eat 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast and 20 minutes later be asking for lunch. Go figure. As you can see from the picture of him he is loving t-ball. His favorite position is playing catcher because he gets to wear the gear and gets to catch the ball and throw alot. Sometimes if he is in the Field were you don't get many balls, he will be out there pouting with his face covered with his cap. Boys, what can you do. He also had his first solo camp out Sunday night. He slept in his "tent" ( under the kitchen table) all by himself. I didn't think he would make it through the night on the hard floor, but he did no problems. Funny kid.

Picasso is growing up so much as well, he to is a growing boy, but he doesn't seem to eat as much as Einstein. He is talking in full sentences now, which still catches me off guard most of the time. HE seems to be taking after his older cousin who calls Lovebug "sexa",Picasso does this to. So when we are at he store and Picasso starts yelling " Sexa stop it" I get a little embarrassed. Picasso also loves t-ball, he not old enough to be on the team but he doest care. he needs to be out there right next to his big bro. or with daddy doing some base coaching. If I try and take him and keep him with me on the side lines he just screams. Luckily for us the rules are pretty laxed and so most times Picasso gets to be on the Field, and hand the batters their bats so he feels like he gets a turn to. HE is also potty training himself, he always want to go potty when big brother goes, so i bought some pull ups and he wears those. I havent been pressuring him to much cause well with all that's going on I figure we wont get to serious with it till after we move.

Lovebug is just our big drama queen, she really knows how to scream and get your attention. But it is so fun to have a girl. She is definitely being a mamas girl this month, and i don't mind at all. She is starting to pack around her dolls and bears, and carrying purses. But she also loves playing with the boys and getting dirty she has no problems with that

She is also in the process of moving into her big girl bed. I know it seems a little early, but honestly all my kids have moved to beds earlier then most. I found this cute bed frame on line along time ago but it was so expensive and then to add shipping on top of that crazy. So I kept looking and finally the Mr. and I on a date night went into a mattress warehouse and they had the bed in one of their books for way cheaper so of course we bought it. I love it. You cant tell in the picture but it has a picket fence foot board as well. and then of course the comforter and sheets to go with her lady bug decor. She has been sleeping in her bed for the past 2 days and no problems. lets pray it stays that way so we can finally put the crib away after years of use. When Einstein saw us putting the big bed up he asked what was going to happen with the crib, he asked if he was getting a new baby sister to sleep in it. I laughed and said no, we will be putting it away. Then he said I want a new baby sister. I laughed again and said "not right now Mama just needs a break". A good long break!!!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Demolition Day

Well Saturday was the big day. We finally got around to the bathroom. And literally the wall came crumbling down, well once they got the siding off and the window out.

They, the MR. and a guy from our ward, were able to just pull the old 2x4s out. They had it cleaned out in just minutes.
Once they got the out side wall out, the Mr. was able to shovel the old tiles and stuff that had fallen into the old bathtub out into the backyard.
And then they just pushed the bathtub out. As you can see we have quite the pile up in the backyard. I think we will be making numerous trips to the dump.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that they also took off the railing to my deck so that they could have easier access to the "whole in the wall"
After the gutting was done and yet another run to home depot they were able to get the framing for the new wall done. So basically right now we have a bunch of 2x4s with gaps in between them and a tarp covering them. And of course anyone knowing my families luck can guess what kind of weather we have been having since the tarp has been put up. pouring rain and thunderstorms. but so far all is ok.
On a much better note My hardwood floors are finally done and I love them. I also love my green walls and white cabinets it looks so much better then the dark ugly wood. We still have some cabinets left to hang, and some touch up painting to do where the walls meet the ceiling, but it looks great ( well for having 30 year old cabinets, just thrown on some paint and get all new hardware and they look good) And yes oh yes i finally have something other then carpet under the table. I will happily sweep 3 times a day then have to vacuum and carpet clean everyday. I love it!! The Mr. has done a great job!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

face lift

Well as you can see we are giving my blog a face lift. I found a couple of different people that had the same background as I did and I just didn't like that much so we changed it. Its still a work in progress, we are still playing around with a few things. So bare with us and hopefully it will be super cute when we are done.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Laundry makes me a basket case

So I have gotten behind. It has been piling up, and now I need to get my shovel and start digging. My laundry situation is out of control. With us doing the kitchen floor and having all the dining room furniture moved throughout the house, and everything in ciaos, doing laundry just didn't happen last week. So now I pay the price. This is what I will spend my day( if I'm really on the ball and just some plain ol' luck, or else I will be shoveling for the week)doing. Now I don't you to get the wrong idea, and think that every other week I totally conquer the laundry pile. Because it just never happens, there is always another load to be done, another pile to be found, more clothes getting dirty. I was for the first few years of marriage doing all the laundry in one day, once a week. That worked until we had children number 2 and 3. Now I have switched to trying to get 2-3 loads done a day. It works if I really stay on top of it. But it seems lately that with so much other house stuff going on my laundry is piling up and up and up. So now I will try and go conquer the pile, and lets hope I can get to the bottom of it and have some peace before it really piles up again.

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Mr. Fix It

Somehow I really got lucky when I married The Mr.. Don't get me wrong, I've always known that he was a great person, talented at tons of stuff. A great husband, dad, and best friend. He is very smart and seems to just know stuff, and how things work and how to fix them. But this last month I have really been so impressed at how far that knowledge really goes. As many of you know we are getting our house ready to go on the market. And in order to do this we have had to do some updates. My Mr. is just so handy. He is doing everything. I try to help but usually my job is to hand him stuff and hold stuff in place. So not much help at all. How he knows how to do stuff is beyond me. Some of the things that he does is fixes our cars, no matter what the problem. He just buys the part then fixes it. And then all the house stuff. Laying a hardwood floor. I never really saw him read instructions. I know he watched a how to video for about 5 minutes and then he just did it. He only made one cutting mistake where he measured wrong and that's it. Our dining room looks so nice. And now we are working on the kitchen floor. He has also done some major things it the bathroom. Some pluming and electrical work and before to long he will be doing some framing and drywalling. Then of course tiling. I don't know how he knows how to do it all but he just does, and he always does a really nice job. My dad is like that, he can fix anything. I always just thought he was on of a kind, but of course I went out and found me someone just like him, with out really knowing it. I just want to tell my Mr. that I really love him, and that I really appreciate all the hard work he does for us and our home. The kids are really learning some great lessons from you and hopefully when they grow up they can be Mr. fix its too!! I love you Babe!!! You are the best husband ever!!