Thursday, October 30, 2008

An idiot living among smart people

Here's your warning!! In this blog I will be doing a lot of bragging so if you don't want to hear it don't go any further.

When I met Colin I knew instantly that he was very smart, not just book smart, but smart and logical on every level. I am not. I am logical most of the time, very, very observant to little details. And I like to believe, really good at faking being smart. But I know I have some siblings and my parents who know the truth. As I started having kids I have always prayed that they would get his smart genes. And I have suspected for along time that my wish came true, But as a mother you always think your kid is smarter, and just all around better. I, on a daily basis, am at awe at what my kids know and can do, or invent. This morning was the first time I got some actual facts. Today was my first parent teacher conferences. Jakob was so excited for me to talk to his teacher. When I first walked in the door and sat down, she said " First of all, I want to know what you are doing and how you are doing it, cause I want to do the same with my son, and maybe share your secret with some of the other parents." Wow what a way to start off our little meeting. But in the back of my mind I thought " she probably says that to every parent to make them feel good about themselves". It worked!! She then proceeded to tell me how impressed with Jakob she is. How he is a leader in the class room, and when she introduces a new sight word Jakob is usually the first one to get it. She said how impressed she was with his knowledge coming into school, and wishes every parent took the time to prepare their kids like I did ( thank you very much!!) . As I sat and listened I kept waiting for the "but". I mean come on we all know Jakob, he can be a handful, a weirdo, and a very big worrier. The "but" never came. Instead she asked if I would like to see how he did on his state testing. Umm of course. So she shuffled some papers, looked up some numbers then reported to me that he was tied for first in his class for the highest score. There now I have some proof. After that she asked what my secret was? I told her I don't have one, he just got my husband genes. She laughed. She then told me that they retest in January. But that she was not worried cause Jakob can already do all that stuff and he beats the time easily every time. So now I know, Jakob is officially the smartest kid in his class (well tied for first!!)

Now on to my other 2. Conner amazes me every single day. He is different from is older brother in every way. But its been so fun to see him develop his own interests and hobbies. I seriously amazed at some of the objects he can combine to make something. I cant wait to see what he will do with that mind of his. Alexa, oh dear Alexa. we call her crazy lady. And I know people probably think I am horrible mother to call her that. When people come to visit they are calling her that by the time they leave. She is just a whirlwind of energy and drama. She is the girl, drama, version of Jakob. She is my little miss independent and I know that when she wants something she gets it. So if i can get her to focus on the right stuff she will amaze us all. Just you wait and see.

So there you have it. I am the idiot living among geniuses. At least I done a few things right. Hey the smartest thing I have ever done was to marry a very smart man!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun Pictures

Well we survived this last weekend. Both Colin and Jakob got sick Saturday night, but that was fine. We were able to attend both of the schools carnival and the wards trunk or treat. It was really fun and the kids seemed to have a blast! Here are some fun pictures of our weekend adventures!!!
Rose( sleeping beauty) Iron man, and Handy Manny

He is just so darn cute

She still wasn't feeling quite herself

Iron man with scary teeth

now he's flying

Handy Manny

Alexa and her favorite friend Roxy

The boys, Jakob, Eli, Trevor and Conner

Fun group picture

A big Princess Hug!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Worst Timing...

Well both Conner and Alexa are sick with the flu. Alexa is worse off then Conner for sure. I keep waiting for a phone call from Jakob's school saying your son just threw up all over the classroom. Jakob swears he fine, but hey both Conner and Alexa seemed fine then they threw up. And pretty much I am so scared I am going to get it. Let me tell you about the rest of week, and you will see why. Today I have scouting for food with the scouts, putting flyer's on all the doors in our ward boundaries. Tomorrow morning I am helping to set up for our ward Halloween party. Sometime after that I have to get to Sam's club and get stuff for enrichment on Saturday that I am in charge of all the food. Friday night is Jakob's schools Halloween carnival, and our ward Halloween party that I am taking chili to, and also trunk or treating. After that is done Friday night I am helping to get set up for super Saturday which starts at 9 am Saturday morning. So then of course Saturday I will be at the church all day making crafts and setting up lunch. That is due to over around 3. So at 4pm on Saturday I can then get sick, for that matter my husband can get sick then too. But please not till then. I have been popping vitamin c pills to help keep me strong so hopefully I wont get it. I feel like my hands are gonna shrivel up and dry out from washing them so much, and all the chemicals I have been using to clean up messes, and just bleaching as much stuff as possible. So wish me luck this weekend, and please flu stay away from me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I just cant believe it

First off, I know I have changed my blog skin like 12 times in the last month. Sorry I just wasn't happy with anything. And a Big thank you to Colin for taking a break from his hours of homework to finally get a picture up for our header. I love it babe, Thanks!!

It snowing here, and I just can't believe it. It too early. I was enjoying my kids playing out side all day. But no more. It just makes me so sad.

And I can't believe that it has been a little over a year now since we sold our home, and moved to Rexburg.It has gone by so quickly. And something has happened that I never could of imagined a year ago. Our family seems to love it here. Colin loves school, he loves learning. He also loves his job. Working for the city of Rexburg has sure had some great perks for our family. We love our ward, and our callings now that we are out of primary. It has been so fun to watch the kids grow and love it here. The parks and all the fun stuff to do. But most importantly all of the fun friends they have made. It is so nice to know that most everyone around us is a member and for the kids to have lots of friends close by. I also cant believe that Colin only has 2 more full semesters and 1 semester of like 4 credits left. It really is flying by. And i just can't believe it.

Here are some cute pictures of the kids we were able to take at the gardens the other day!!