Monday, May 31, 2010

Aren't they just so cute!!

My boys are really starting to hate matching!! I wonder if they will wear coordinating colors so its not the same, but will still match?!

At the falls

Jakob's school program

Tyler's first bites of frosty, he loved it!

And I just thought this pose was pretty funny. Poor Tyler

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mommy Dearest!!

Today I have felt spoiled, well all weekend actually. I love that I have a Husband that can take over the troops when I am down and out, and on Friday and Saturday I was down and out with the flu. And then of course Today they spoiled me with gifts and yummy food, who could complain!! But as I was reminiscing on this last year, and trying to remember if I knew if I was preggo with Tyler last Mothers Day, I realized that everything big that has happened this last year for me and my family, my Mother has been there, or should I say here. Which is a big deal since she lives 800+ miles away.

Its so weird to remember being a bratty teenager and wishing my mother out of my life, and how I just couldn't wait to be married and be a mother and not "need" my Mom any more. I was crazy, cRaZy. I think I have needed my mother more in the last 8 years then ever before. I haven't needed her Money ( although it's nice some times I'm not gonna lie!!) or her to drive me places, or to help with homework, or remind me of curfew, or .... I could go on and on. She has been the first person I call when my babies are sick and I don't know what to do, cause she knows everything! She has been there to tell me I CAN DO HARD THINGS over and over again. And then she is there doing what every great Mother does for her kids, doing everything she can to make it Easy for me, even if it means she has to sacrifice. Then when I crumble and think I have nothing left, she is there to pick me back up and remind me once again that I can do it! This last year has been such a hard one for me. I am a planner. I have to think through things and plan it out in my mind, get a mental picture of how things will work. If I can do this then I can handle anything. My Mom Knows this, so when I found out that I was pregnant this last time. I called her with in minutes of finding out. I was crumbling fast. She talked to me for hours helping me get my mental pictures and to figure out how we would make it work with Colin in school and in our tiny apartment. Not to mention the hell the first 5 months bring me with being so sick. She is always there to help me find the blessings!!

And As my 4 kids get older I have come to appreciate even the small things that she did/ does day in and day out. Dinner on the table, Laundry done, lunches made, house clean. It all seems so easy but just those few things can take all day. And then we have those crazy times when I text you at 2 am to tell you my water broke, and 13 hours later you and dad are here taking care of my kids for us. And then you stay for weeks sleeping on an air mattress to help us all figure out life with 4 kids. So thanks Mom for everything you have done for me this year, and ever. You have been my rock, my back up plan, my nurse, my nanny, my therapist, my chef, my seamstress, my chauffeur, My MOM! I know for sure that I would not be the Mom I am today for my kids with out you as my Mom! You are simply the Best!! I Love You!!

And I just want to take a Minute to wish a Happy Mothers Day To my Mother in law who raised an incredible son/ father, and to my Sisters and Sister in laws. You are all awesome and with out your friendship and examples I would be lost!!