Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Random Thoughts....

Lately I have been feeling really bad about totally neglecting this blog.  But I haven't had anything that has been real blog worthy. So I thought I would just post some of my random thoughts.

- My Husband is AMAZING, and I would not be surviving right now without him!!
- I never thought anyone in my family would miss snow, but my kids ask when its gonna snow, every day.
- Moving to a place where you know no one is really hard :(
- I feel like almost everyone I know has just had a baby, or is pregnant.  I'm so excited for everyone!!!
- I'm really wanting some chocolate cake!!!!
- I miss Rexburg (minus the snow)!!  I miss our friends, I miss living by my sister and brothers and their wives.
- All day kindergarten is the best thing since sliced bread!!!
-" Faith In the Lord means Faith in his timing", some times I tell myself this many times a day
- My family is everything to me!!!!
- Some days I get nothing accomplished except taking care of my kids.
- This summer Is gonna be crazy!!
- I find I dress myself and my children according to my moods which translates into colors. So most days we all match and I have no clue till someone points it out.  So weird!
- I am so ready for Tyler to start walking.
- August can not come fast enough.
-My Hubby Rocks!!!
- I need a girls night out!
- Life with 4 kids is nowhere as bad as I ever imagined. Going from 2-3 was by far the hardest.
- Never realized how proud I would be to be an Aunt and to watch my Siblings( and Sibling In-laws!!) have kids.  At this point I get more excited for them to have kids then I get for myself!!
-Can not believe that my oldest will be 8 in March.  It has gone by sooooo fast and I am so proud of him!!
-In my experience baby boys are so much more cuddly then girls!!! So I am glad I had 3 boys and Tyler loves to snuggle still!
- Life is hard.
- I wish I was sitting on a nice warm beach or lake chatting with my sisters while the kids play!!

I know this is random but I thought I would just do something different!! Hopefully I will have better stuff to post about later!!