Monday, November 02, 2009

Our October

Well this last month as been a busy one. We have had so much fun. Jakob finished his football season. Conner and Alexa have been loving preschool and doing well at it. Alexa is having boy trouble, she has 2 boys that constantly try to kiss her at preschool. Her teachers tell me that she is really nice to them and tells them to stop. Which I am shocked about cause at home if any of us try to come near her she screams (reminds me of Laura) and starts hitting us. So I'm sure one of these days the teacher will tell me that she wrestled the boys to the ground and smacked them.

Colin and Jakob have been so busy with school, and they both amaze me. Colin just seem to handle working full time and school full like its no big deal. And I am so proud of him every day. Jakob definitely follows in his dads footsteps, school is so easy for him. He most certainly got his math skills from his dad. Jakob loves math and both his teacher and I have been amazed at how quickly he has picked it up and excelled. I will take credit for his reading success. He loves to read and once again is well beyond his level. He also has been having some girl trouble, as in which one is the cutest, which one likes him the most. Apparently the list is long. Conner is just doing so good. He of course is around while Jakob does his homework or hears as we quiz Jakob on math problems or spelling words, so he is picking up on them as well. He can now do all the basic addition between 0 - 10. And is learning how to spell some basic words. Good job Mr.

I am just plugging along. Perfecting the pregnant waddle!! I am thankful (as is Colin and the kids I'm sure) that I am feeling better and back at cooking and baking and keeping food in the house. I have been loving fall and enjoying making all those yummy recipes that I keep finding on food blogs. I also was able to help with our wards super Saturday and I think it turned out great and I came home with some really fun stuff!!

So here a quite a few pictures of our adventures in this last month, sorry so many. Our family decided to be the Seahawks for Halloween. The boys were football players, Alexa the cheerleader, Colin the coach and I the ref. It was a lot of fun and we ran across lots of Seahawks fans here in good ol' Rexburg.

After Jakob's last football game

We found some of the under the eye football stickers at the store and of course had to get them and try them on!!

At the pumpkin Patch

Don't we have 3 cute pumpkins!!

The kids even got to take a ride around the acres of pumpkins on a train!!

Waiting for the kiddos while they ride the train!!

Enjoying a pumpkin doughnut!!

This is a funny story. After the pumpkin patch we headed to Olive Garden for lunch. Colin was decked out in brand makers gear ( shirt and hat. which you can see if you look at Colin in the pumpkin patch pictures) which is his brothers Ryan company. When we got out of the car we see a big truck with the brand makers symbol on it and the guy driving hops out and it turns out to be Ryan's boss and owner of the company who lives in Utah!! I think he was just as surprised to see some one in Idaho wearing his stuff!! Anyways Ryan keep the stuff coming!! Colin is doing good at advertising for you.

Colin got to go be part of potato harvest for one of his classes. But some how we only scored a small back of them.

Here's the family at our ward Halloween party!!

The boys with there friend Ashton!!

And here they are on the hay ride at the school carnival,
after a long day of filling 400 bags with popcorn. Next year I wont be so excited to help out with stuff at the school. Lesson definitely learned .

And here is what happens while I take a shower. Conner and Alexa set up a tea party or more like a milk and cookies party. They took a bunch of my unfrosted sugar cookies, opened all the pop tarts, opened candy that was for trick or treaters, and poured milk. And yes and don't forget the Center piece of pine cones and leaves. They have been trained well :)

My little vampires, and yes the blood is marker, we are still trying to scrub it off. For some reason they tried to put toothpaste on first cause they thought it would make good blood, then they used marker. well the 2 combined have turned into a big scrubbing ordeal.

And Finally ready to go trick or treating!
Don't you love Alexa pose

Some friends of ours in our ward always set up the best yard decorations so here they are at the " haunted house"

My pumpkins with their pumpkins!!

So now we are on to Thanksgiving and to Christmas!! I am so excited for them but also nervous to have the time go by to fast cause after Christmas our newest addition will make his debut and I'm just not ready to tackle 4 kids yet. Oh help !!