Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So much has happened the last few months!!  Lets start out with April Fools day.  We found out that Bowler baby # 5 will be another girl!!  I am so excited to have another girl but I am even more excited for Alexa to have a sister!!  I love my sisters and the bond that we have nothing can compare to.  So for Alexa to have that means the world to me!!  This little one seems to be right on track with all my other babies, small!  I really am hoping for at least a 6 lb baby.  5 lbs just is to small for me, especially when you figure in the weight that all babies lose in the first few days.  My c section is scheduled  for August 23, and I am really praying I make it to the scheduled date!!

Next up was Jakob's pine wood derby for cub scouts.  I'm not sure who was more excited for it.  Jakob, Colin, or Conner!!  It was really important that we let it be Jakob's creation not daddy's, so Jakob picked out the shape and model he wanted.  he helped cut it out and sand it.  he choose the paint color and painted the whole thing.  So needless to say we didn't expect to win at all.  But much to our surprise his little car won over and over again.   Our ward made it a fund raiser and gave the opportunity for others to purchase a car kit and make their own car.   So Jakob's car beat out teenage boys, men and women.  There were so many people who had better shapes, or whatever else make those cars go faster.  the only thing we did to it was once we got to the derby we weighed it and it was under weight so Colin taped on a golf token to get it closer to the max weight.
Way to go Jakob!!  We are so proud of you!!

Also in April Poor little Tyler got his fingers slammed in to a door on the hinge side.  It turned into a horrible ordeal that involved lots of blood, screaming, stitches, and loosing of 2 fingernails.  I am just thankful that my hubby works close and is able to leave and be home within 5 minutes.  he was able to hold Tyler and his fingers while I changed my blood covered clothes and call the Dr to see if we should go there or to the Er.

This picture doesn't even come close to showing how bad it was.  Lets just say the cut was pretty deep and we are lucky he still had a finger tip

All bandaged up after his stitches but hey still had to put the wrap around it to keep it protected.

And here he is all zonked out in our bed after his horrible ordeal.  
I am happy to say that we all survived and that his 2 fingers have almost totally regrown his fingernails that came off.


Natalie Moon said...

Cori! I always love to read your blog when you update it. It's fun to see pictures of your kids...even if they were taken a few months ago. I hope it's ok that our girls share the same middle name. I'm ok with it as long as you are. I bet Alexa is so excited to have her sister here soon.

Erin said...

Good for you to get these up. That's so cool Jakob won! Pretty good for his first pine wood derby!

Ryan & Amanda said...

So sad when their little fingers get hurt!! Makes me so sad seeing him hurt like that! Glad he is better now and good thing they heal quickly! Congrats to Jakob that is super exciting, I am sure he was pretty thrilled with that big win!

Michelle said...

Another girl??? Congrats! So exciting!

I love Jakob's car, too -- awesome!