Monday, November 07, 2011


October was such a Fun month for us!! Avery was blessed, which meant that we got to have family come visit!! The weather cooled down enough that it was actually enjoyable to be outside so we played at lots of parks.  And then of course Halloween!! The boys decided last minute to switch their costumes from Tony Hawk ( skateboarders) to a Vampire and Zombie, so we did a little scrambling to come up with some costumes that they would be proud of.  Thankfully we had all the clothes and stuff to use and just needed to get some makeup to make them more realistic!!  But best of all I have loved watch both Avery and Tyler grow and  talk more and more!!  Tyler is saying more and more words every day and becoming quite the little handful. And little miss Avery is in my favorite baby stage.  She is so aware and loves smiling and "talking to us"!!  I love seeing her recognize her daddy and get the biggest grin on her face when he talks to her!!  

Here are a ton of pictures of our fun October adventures!!  (I apologize now, there will be a ton of pictures,  I just cant pass up on cute pictures of my kids.  Especially my sweet Avery!)

At the pumpkin patch!

Avery's blessing day.  My Grandma Ed made her  blanket and  flower for her hair!!

Our Family with Grandmas and Grandpas

I love this crazy shot  of my kids with their goofy Grandpas

I still can't believe I have 5 kids
My sweet little lady

All my babies

My handsome Hubby  and Avery

So glad my boys actually wore purple ;-)
And Next some park fun!!

So fun
enjoying being outside
2 of my handsome boys!!
 And here are just some fun random pictures!!

Fun hat Alexa made at school

 I would be crying too, poor thing.

love it!

I can only pray that they will continue to love each other this much.

 And now for Halloween!!

Alexa the witch.  doesn't every witch have bright pink hair and green faces??

Aren't they scary

 Jakob the vampire

we decided to paint pumpkins this year instead of carving!!

The cutest frog I know!!

Conner did the Zombie thing perfectly!!

 yes even skeletons where hair bows

 The girls!!
Now that we are into November we are getting more and more excited to move back to Washington, and be close to family.  We just wished that all our Brothers and Sisters lived there as well then it would be perfect!! But it means yet another move, which mean more packing boxes.  But I'm so excited for another adventure!!


Ryan & Amanda said...

I love those pumpkin patch pictures, so cute! Conner's makeup for Halloween is seriously impressive, nice work!