Friday, September 14, 2012

Life lessons

Wow its been almost a year since my last post crazy!  This last year has been crazy, but I have learned so much.  I have been wanting to get my thoughts out for a while.  So this may be random, but I do it so that I have a place to come back and remind myself of these moments.  I think I'm gonna just do this in list form because it will be random.

First and probably the most important thing I have learned, If you do what the Lord ask you to do, you will be blessed.  I started this blog when Colin and I decided to go back to school.  I knew it was what we were supposed to do.  Our Journey was long and hard.  But now that we are back in Washington and have bought a house literally a mile away from our first house, I feel like the blessings have just poured in.  I love my house, my neighborhood and our ward!  My kids love it here, I love being close to our families, and Colin seems to like working from home!  When we sold our 1st house and moved to a 3 bedroom apartment I had no way of knowing what was to come. We just went forward with faith, and now that we are on the other side of it I can look back and see His hand in every step!

A lesson that I seem to have to learn over and over again has been on my mind a lot lately.  Faith in Lord mean Faith in his Timing.  After Colin graduated he got a job in Oregon and  I was a little upset.  I wanted so desperately to come back to Washington, but we knew Oregon was the right path for us.  I realize now that it wasn't about Oregon being the right thing. It was the job.  His job is what got us back to Washington and its is what made us able to buy our house!  And the timing of us getting back to Washington is something  that I know the Lords hand was in.  Not a few days after being here Did the reason for this timing became known to me.  My sister and my family.  I'm not sure they necessarily  need me.  But I know that I needed to be here.  I know that my kids need to be here and be with their cousins. I am truly amazed at the Lords timing.  Once again I learned that that we need to have faith in the fact that the Lord will lead us to where we need to be.

Another thing I have been thinking about is that, My life is just passing me buy.  I can look back on a week or month and think "wow what did I do?"  My children have been taken care of, my house has been cleaned, laundry done, meals cooked, all that stuff is a no brainer.  But I find my self thinking that's not good enough. I dream of all the things that I could do that seem to be so " Important".  Then I will come back to earth and realize there is nothing, NOTHING, I would rather be doing then being a Mother to my 5 kids.  It is hard, and stressful, but a simple hug from one kids will make it all worth it.  I realize that I need to stop being so worried about the house, the laundry and meals.  I need to live in the moment with my kids and Cherish every second!   And Honestly there is nothing more important then them and raising them to be incredible people!

Some People come in our lives as blessing, others come in your life as lessons.  Unfortunately I've had to learn this the hard way. enough said.

Decorating a house isn't as easy as I thought.  Picking paint colors, furniture, rugs, decorative pillows, drapes, and accessories is hard work.  Not to mention expensive!   I have these incredible visions in my head, thanks to pintrest,  and I want things to be perfect.  Which isn't always possible with 5 kids. Trying to decide what thing to put on what walls is driving me crazy.  So much that some nights I cant sleep I just lay there thinking about how to decorate! Crazy I know. So if you come to my house and see a bare wall, or a picture frame with nothing in it,  that is why,  Help!

Rumors and Judging can hurt a lot of people.  More then those that the rumors are about.   And that people are willing to act harshly to a rumor and not think about the consequences.  All I can say is " He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone"

My kids are so awesome.  As the first day of school rolled around I wondered how they would be.  It would be the 3rd they had been to in a year.  My boys 4th school overall.  I was nervous how they would react to yet another first day.  They rocked it!!  Not a tear, none of them even hesitated.  I could tell they were nervous ( I was nervous for them and trying to not cry) but they quickly  found some church and neighborhood friends and never looked back.  I'm pretty sure that if I would of had to go to that many different schools in that short amount of time I would of been a wreck.  But Not my kids, they truly have been incredible.  I'm counting it as a major blessing!

Most importantly I have realized that I need to be thankful for the things that I have. No matter what trials I face, no matter how hard I think things are, they could be worse. And I am thankful they are NOT.  My Hubby and my kids are my life.  We have been given so much!  And for that I am truly grateful!!


Erin said...

We are so lucky to have you in our family! What a great blessing you guys are in our lives.

Ryan & Amanda said...

I totally agree to every single point! You and I are so very similar, these are things constantly on my mind. I want to copy and paste this (change names) and re-post except that my kids haven't changed schools at all and we haven't moved to Idaho or Oregon :). I am so glad I get to have you for a sister and I wish I could come look at your walls and help you fill them!

Jessica said...

Beautiful Cori. Thanks for reflecting where I could read it! Makes me think. It really is so easy to get caught up in the unimportants when the most importants are right in front of us. But let's face it, everyone's happier when momma's happy and momma is really happy when the house is clean :)
I am so grateful I got to meet you in Rexburg and I'm so happy for you and yours and hearing about your difficult, yet beautiful, journey.

Colin said...

Great job summing things up! That is why you have a blog and I do not. I love and appreciate all you do for our family, and know that if you weren't around things would be a mess.
I know that we need to take more time out of our busy life and spend it with our kids. Like you said it's hard, but it's well worth it! I am truly blessed!